Missionary Work Using Heartland Research


The primary goal of every member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints should be to help others find happiness through sharing the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Once converted and a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel has been gained, the Lord asked his followers to spread His word to others, that all of God’s children might partake in His grace, His blessings and enjoy salvation.  How great shall be your joy if you bring but one soul back to Christ, but how much greater will be your joy by bringing in many more. (D&C 18:15-16).  The Book of Mormon is the “Keystone” of our religion, thus defending its truths and providing evidence for its reality is critical in establishing its authenticity.  While a testimony of its truthfulness is gained through a witness of the Holy Spirit, the book itself prophesies that there will be evidence to establish its physical truth as well.  We have found that the Heartland Model Geography has the power to dramatically increase missionary success.  Read the following accounts of missionary success using the Heartland Model in missionary work.

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One of the greatest blessings we can bestow to others is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  The “Keystone” of the restored gospel is the Book of Mormon, another witness of Jesus Christ like unto the Bible.  It has been said that the restored Church of Jesus Christ rises or falls on the truthfulness of this sacred ancient record – a history of real people, places and events of antiquity in America.  While individual salvation may not be dependent upon our knowing where the Book of Mormon took place, it is vital to know the location of its lands because the ancient prophet/writers devoted a significant amount of time and space on the gold plates in an attempt to warn a very specific “nation” that would one day occupy their lands. If we cannot come to an understanding of what nation they were warning, of what value are their warnings?  Have their efforts been in vain?  Individual salvation may not rest upon recognizing the covenant land upon which the Book of Mormon civilizations lived and died, but the “salvation” of the nation occupying those lands in the latter days is absolutely tied to those prophecies, promises and judgments of God. This is why it is not only valuable, but essential, that we come to an understanding of the truth of where the Book of Mormon lands were located.

A Covenant Responsibility – Missionary Work To Bless the Nations of the Earth with the Gospel

As has been established by an understanding of the nature of the sacred covenant which resides upon the land now known as the United States of America, (read The Scriptural Basis for the Heartland Model Geography HERE ) it is clear that this nation is under a covenant that includes a duty bound obligation to bless the nations of the earth with the gospel through missionary work ( Abraham 2:11 , Genesis 22:18 ) . The covenant nation will receive special blessings from the Lord in order to fulfill His charge to bring His gospel to all the nations of the earth.  This covenant, as it applies to this specific latter-day nation, is being called The American Covenant.

How the Covenant Supports Missionary Work

How does this covenant support missionary work; the ability to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ?  As outlined in the article referenced above, there are two covenant and promised lands in the world, known anciently and today as Jerusalem/Canaan in the Old World, and New Jerusalem/Cainan in the New World.  These lands have been given, by covenant, to the Lord’s chosen people together with special blessings to specifically support missionary work.

1. a specific LAND or base from which to develop and grow a missionary culture,

2. POSTERITY without which the gospel cannot be physically preached to other nations,

3. PROSPERITY to support financially those missionary efforts and,

4. SECURITY so that service can be rendered toward missionary work, rather than compulsory military service for the country.

Missionary Statistics – Evidence of the American Covenant

Today the Church has the largest missionary force the world has ever known scattered throughout the world, yet 80% of all missionaries worldwide consistently come from one single nation, the United States, and of the 20% serving missions from other nations nearly half receive financial assistance from Church membership in the U.S.

MTC Choir at Missionary Fireside
Worldwide Missionary Broadcast from the Marriott Center, Provo, June 23, 2013 – MTC Missionary Choir

Is it any wonder why the ancient prophets spent valuable time, effort and space on the gold plates attempting to warn this specific nation not to allow the secret combinations that destroyed their civilization to get above it?

The ancient prophets saw in vision that should this nation, the United States of America, fall into unrighteousness, God’s judgments and subsequent removal of His covenant blessings of security, prosperity, and posterity would result in its collapse, which would have a direct and devastating impact on the latter-day Church’s ability to carry out its mission of spreading the gospel throughout the world.  Missionary families living in an insecure nation with a collapsing economy would likely find it impossible to support their sons and daughters on missions.  Such events would undoubtedly render the Church’s missionary effort unable to continue to bless the other nations of the earth.

Accordingly, this nation’s covenant and founding principles must be vigorously upheld through righteous leaders in order for it to carry on its sacred responsibility to “ bless the nations of the earth ” with the gospel.  That is why it is critical to understand “where” the covenant and promised lands of the Book of Mormon were located.  That nation today is the United States of America.  The warnings to this nation are clear…and eminent.  Therefore, based on these prophecies, it should also be absolutely clear where the lands of the Book of Mormon were actually located.

Enhancing Missionary Success Through Book of Mormon Evidences In the Heartland Geography Model

The Heartland Geography Model offers logical, solid and highly referenced answers – from the scriptures, prophets and non-LDS experts – to many previously unanswered or unanswerable questions asked by members, missionaries, non-members and investigators alike.  Many questions now finally have honest answers such as the alleged lack of evidence for the Book of Mormon claims of:

– A voyage to America by Hebrews originating in Jerusalem and sailing from Saudi Arabia

– Hebrew DNA among Native American populations

– Gold, silver, copper and iron mining, metal smelting and the resultant artifacts

– Cities built using ditches, earth embankments and timber walls and towers

– A literate civilization utilizing Hebrew or Egyptian written language forms

– Requisite animals such as sheep, goats, horses and elephants

– A climate conducive to the growing of wheat, barley, corn and grapes

– A highly advanced culture having knowledge of astronomy and mathematics

– A candidate civilization having evidence of living the Law of Moses with other Jewish customs and symbolism

– Two major civilizations that date archaeologically within Book of Mormon time frames

– Civilizations that built cities, temples and buildings primarily out of wood, with occasional cement, but no stone

– Two coexisting cultures; One agricultural and urban, the other nomadic tent dwellers, depending upon migrating beasts

Each of the items above have been problematic when trying to answer questions about them using previous geography theories, because of the lack of such evidences.

Successful Missionary Work Through the Heartland Geography Research

For many years Ancient American publisher Wayne May has tried to help the membership of the Church realize the vast archaeological evidence that exists in the Heartland of North America in support of the historicity of the Book of Mormon.  However, due to decades of promotion by Mesoamerican theorists his findings remained unknown to the vast majority of Church members.  When the DNA controversy became center stage in the Church around 2002 and the answers from Mesoamerican scholars provided no support for the Book of Mormon because of the complete absense of any Hebraic or Jewish DNA lineages found among the ancient Mayan people or kings of Mesoamerica, members of the Church had no legitimate answers to the DNA questions.  Mesoamerican theory promoters claimed that since there is no DNA evidence in Mesoamerica that none should even be expected for various genetic reasons.  This, however, contradicts the many prophecies in the Book of Mormon text itself that emphatically state that there will be a remnant of the House of Israel upon the Promised Land in the latter days ( 1 Nephi 15:12-16 , 2 Nephi 9:53 , 30:4 , Alma 46:23-24 , 3 Nephi 21:22-23 , Ether 13:6-8 , Mormon 7:9-10 , .  At this point the DNA research by Rod Meldrum became of critical importance in defending the Book of Mormon and the gospel.

Since beginning to share his Heartland Geography Model research in 2006, and the release of his first DVD, DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography , in 2008, the acceptance and growth of this refreshing new information has been astounding.  It has been completely amazing to witness the ability of this research to bring former members back into the gospel, cause those who had become inactive to return to full activity and even become the catalyst for many non-members to read and embrace the Book of Mormon!  And the number of such wonderful people being strengthened in the gospel has been estimated to be well over 10,000 souls from around the world.  Members and non-members, the old and the young, missionaries and converts alike have expressed their thanks for sharing these profound new evidences that support the Book of Mormon like never before.  We would like to express our gratitude for all of the emails, letters and notes, brought about because of the strengthening of testimonies, the returns back to full fellowship in the gospel, the thrill of new memberships in the Church and everyone whose journey to the truths of the gospel were in some way enhanced through this research. May and Meldrum’s research has been dramatically added upon through the research and expertise of dozens of scholars, enthusiasts, experts and many others simply following their own paths.  To them we are all grateful.  For a listing and bio’s of many of these great individuals, please see our Speakers Bio’s page HERE .

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