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Book of Mormon Evidence 5 DVD Series by Rod Meldrum (DVD)

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The definitive 5 DVD disk series by Rod L. Meldrum, Book of Mormon Evidence, includes 9+ hours of presentations, interviews and on location video. Many years of intensive research, filming and editing brings you the most compelling evidence in support of the Book of Mormon in North America ever assembled. Click thumbnail for more info. DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography DVD is a great introduction, but there is much more!


We are thrilled to be able to offer a truly comprehensive system of research for the study of Book of Mormon Geography.  This DVD series will take those who watch it through one of the most exciting new Book of Mormon geography paradigms ever.  These 5 highly informative DVD’s form the backbone of the Heartland Model geography first coined by its author, Rod L. Meldrum due to its being located in America’s heartland region. Re-read the Book of Mormon from this fresh new perspective and watch it come ALIVE!

The 5 DVD disk series includes:

DVD 1; Prophecies and Promises ; Promised Land Correlations with the United States of America

DVD 2; Joseph Smith ; Joseph Smith and Book of Mormon Geography

DVD 3; DNA and the Book of Mormon ; Rediscovering the Book of Mormon Remnant through DNA

DVD 4; Book of Mormon Correlations ; Correlations between the Nephites and the Hopewell Civilization

DVD 5; The Heartland Geography ; Mapping the Book of Mormon using the Heartland Geography

Each of the DVD’s is approximately an hour an a half in length plus bonus features making them about 2 hours total viewing time per DVD.

You will see interviews with:

Elder Hartman Rector Jr ., emeritus member of the First Quorum of the Seventy

Kieth Merrill , award winning filmmaker and writer and director of ‘Legacy’ and ‘The Testaments’

Wayne N. May , author and publisher of Ancient American magazine

Bruce H. Porter Ph.D., author and LDS ancient linguistics scholar, CES director

Kay Godfrey , 30 year Joseph Smith period historian and Church History tour host

David Lindsley , renowned LDS artist and painter of Joseph Smith artwork on the current Church manual

Dr. Robert Fuller , owner of the Zermatt Resort, Midway Utah.

Charles Allen , author of Out of Captivity and Zelph Mound location researcher

Shirley Whitlock , 15 year president of Eagle Forum of AZ, Constitutionalist

James Bradley , foremost expert and author of The Eternal Perspective of Zion’s Camp

Jon McNaughton , renowned LDS artist and painter of One Nation Under God

Jason Millward , LDS sculptor, creator of Visions of the Past and The Promised Land sculptures

Michael Bedard , painter of the restoration, Nauvoo, IL

Cal Christensen , long time resident and historian of old Nauvoo

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