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The American Promised Land Covenant buy 1, get 5 more FREE!

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The American Promised Land Covenant is the new standard in Book of Mormon geography research.  This 2 disc, 4 hour presentation by renown international author, speaker and researcher, Rod L. Meldrum takes you on a journey through scriptural world history to identify the two promised lands spoken of by Christ during his Nephite visit. Where are they and what are the promises, blessing, requirements and judgments associated with them?


The Ancient Prophets of the Book of Mormon saw our day in vision and provided numerous prophetic warnings to a specific latter day nation. Are the words of the Prophets sufficient to positively identify that nation?

This 2 disc set will answer questions such as:

Where was this land of promise?

How many promised lands are there?

When were they established and by whom?

What are the covenant Blessings, promises and also what are the requirements and judgments?

Is the United States currently under a covenant with God?

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    Take a look at our blog posts. http://www.abomblog.com/2018/05/06/lamanites-are-a-remnant-of-the-jew/
    and this one http://www.abomblog.com/2018/05/24/dna-and-native-americans/

    You can download Rod Meldrums DNA article free here: http://bookofmormonevidence.org/free-downloads/

    You will also want to get our book titled “Universal Model” written by Dean Sessions here http://bookofmormonevidence.org/bookstore/product/universal-model/
    Rod Meldrum was the head scientific researcher for 8 years for new science found in Universal Model. It is so counter to all the scientists of the world and it doesn’t bring up religion at all. But it does confirm Noah’s flood was universal and that dinosaurs are only the age of Adam. It is a 3-volume text book. Volume 2 and 3 will be out shortly. Call me if you have questions. Rian Nelson 801-931-9031

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