Rediscovering the BOM Remnant Through DNA

Book of Mormon and DNA Studies ( "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints affirms that the Book of Mormon is a volume of...

House of Lehi Found Near Jerusalem

Beit Lehi or House of Lehi near Jerusalem "Beit Lehi is a buried city just a few miles southwest of Jerusalem, and is currently under...


Lehi’s Landing-Apalachicola Florida

WHY APALACHICOLA FLORIDA IS PLAUSIBLE FOR THE LAND OF LEHI’S LANDING 591 BC 1 Nephi 18:23-25 Archaeology, Bees, Honey, Climate, Latitude, Wind Currents, Promised Land (USA),...

Temperance Day and the Word of Wisdom 1833

Many important events happened at the Whitney store in Kirtland, Ohio. This article speaks of one of those events that happened on Feb 27,...

Historical Prattle or Competent Testimony – Method of Translation

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Scriptural Basis for BOM Geography

Why BOM Geography Matters!

111 Moroni Fortifies Lands of the Nephites
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