Joseph’s Remnant: Lamanites in Today’s America- NEW Book w/ Elder Echo...

Allen Christensen's new book (2019) titled, Joseph's Remnant: Lamanties in Today's America, involves biographical sketches of a number of Native American Latter-day Saints. Their...

1845 Apostles Proclamation to the World-Chiasmus

To All the Kings of the World: Chiasmus in the 1845 Proclamation of the Twelve Apostles  Inverted Parallels & Chiasmus 1. The Nephites and Mulekites after settling in...


Historical Prattle or Competent Testimony – Method of Translation

There are now two varying descriptions of the method Joseph Smith used in translating the golden plates. 1- Historical Prattle- Many Church Historians and Scholars...

Parley P. Pratt’s Mission to the Lamanites

PARLEY P. PRATT’S MISSION TO THE LAMANITES (Parley P. Pratt photograph likely by Marsena Cannon or Lewis W. Chaffin (Church History Library, Salt Lake City)....

Historical Prattle or Competent Testimony – Method of Translation

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111 Moroni Fortifies Lands of the Nephites
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