Personal Stories

The following are authentic emails. Some names have been removed for privacy. They have not been edited except for size. For more recent testimonials, go to the website and click on testimonials. It is hoped that some of their words will touch the lives of others in positive ways. -Rod
03.02.08 “If I may introduce myself, my name is [name withheld] and live in the Mesa Arizona area, and would like you to know how much I appreciate the work you’ve done on DNA in the Book of Mormon,… I have been an Institute director and teacher, worked for BYU in the Religion Dept. and in the Religious Study Center, and worked for the church doing specialized scripture research, and now lead LDS scripture tours mostly to the middle east and church history sites. 25 years ago I realized that the statements of Joseph Smith did not jive with the standard theories about the Book of Mormon lands, and I refused to teach those traditions and theories. In working for the Church I was told to use for research only: 1) the scriptures 2) Joseph Smith and 3) the words of the Prophets, while they were prophets. All else was to be considered opinion. This is why I couldn’t go along with the traditional sites of Book of Mormon Lands, as well as numerous textual evidences within the Book itself. My fields of study were ancient languages and religions of the Ancient Near East, and have degrees in Hebrew, Egyptology, The History of Religion, and others. Many years ago I had a paper published in a book honoring Hugh Nibley called “By Study and Also by Faith” vol. 1, after viewing your DVD I remembered an article in the same volume by Cyrus Gordon, then the foremost scholar in Semitic languages in the world. Gordon spoke of the mounds in the river valleys in the United States and the Hebrew wittings there, oceanic migrations to there and even old Middle Eastern coins found in some of these mounds. Another note on the textural evidence has something to do with the Semitic way of writing and that is a phrase that should not be over looked which is “this land” in the Book of Mormon that phrase means “where I/we stand” i.e. “this is the place” along with the statements about the New Jerusalem by Christ and Moroni it always uses the phrase “this land” the statement “the land” is more general but “this land” is important with the modern prophecies. Like so many other things science has again proved that Joseph Smith is a prophet and did know what he talked about. ; It will be a long and tedious fight to get those who have spent, and earned so much money on the Central America theories as well as their reputations and books, to give credit to Joseph Smith and the DNA evidence. The truth will prevail.” -Name Withheld
05.01.08 “When viewing DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography, I was struck. (Has no one has ever thought of this before now?) Rod Meldrum’s thesis is compelling. I urge anyone who is even vaguely familiar with The Book of Mormon to see this presentation. Make the journey. The research is exhaustive; the message, sincere. I am eagerly re-reading the Book of Mormon in a new light.” -PP-CT
04.30.08 “My father-in-law, [name withheld], passed the DVD along to me. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted my own copy, so I purchased one immediately. I just finished the DVD last night and already desire to watch it again. I found it interesting that when speaking with some of my coworkers about these findings, they are set in their ways of the mainstream speculation that many LDS scholars provide. Fortunately, there are others with whom I have spoken that are interested in watching the DVD (I work as a linguist for the Church in Salt Lake, so everyone of my coworkers is a member and has their own take on these things). I believe that all of the data combined with evidence that you provide is the most valid and correct regarding geography of the Book of Mormon. Thank you very much for the efforts that you went to in producing this material. I am already looking forward to teaching my children these things so that when they are in Seminary, they will not be swayed by other speculative ideas (I was given this speculative information while in both Seminary and at BYU). Thank you again.” -JS-UT
05.02.08 “I borrowed your video from a neighbor and watched it this past weekend. Interesting stuff. It caused me to go back and re-watch the new BYU video “Journey of Faith: The New World”. I would say their video doesn’t hold a candle to the data you are able to provide. I know it isn’t their intent to prove anything with their video and it’s geographic neutral insights are valuable and inspiring; but I am convinced after seeing the data you present that they are digging at the wrong latitude. I would love to see what you could produce if you had their budget 🙂 I would like to get a couple copies of your DVD, one for myself and another for a CES friend of mine.” -MH-UT
03.10.08 “ Many of you were able to get to the fireside either Friday or Sunday night to see the presentation by Rod Meldrum on “DNA & Book of Mormon Geography.” I attended both sessions and enjoyed them immensely. Even after seeing the DVD twice, it was still so interesting to hear him speak about it again (and then again). There is so much information that it’s just hard to absorb it all in one sitting. Everyone who sees the DVD goes crazy over it. This is a major turning point in LDS and Book of Mormon history. It’s hard to express the importance of these discoveries. So, since there will only be 6 DVDs available through Eagle Forum, we are hoping that one or two others will also order some and go pick them up…” -AZ State Senator
04.14.08 “It sounds like some things are coming together for you. That’s a good thing; the most important thing: is it coming together fast enough? As I ponder this situation with you, my problems now seem rather insignificant. I hope to do a great work here in my little corner of Idaho, but what you are being called to do is so much more, it’s world wide and effects millions of people. You know I have watched the dvd a couple of times now. I’ve gone over this in my head so many times…I’m dreaming about it. Do you know what this information says about the United States of America? I mean…heck…you know what it means, but I mean really? Take comfort my friend. This is going to happen.” -DP-ID
04.14.08 “I live in western NY where the Lord sent the first missionaries, the [name withheld]Branch of the Buffalo, NY Stake. I started to watch your presentation and I could not stop watching. I have always thought that there was some holes in the Central America Theory and I was nearly in tears as the narrow neck of land and other geographic sites were unfolded in your presentation. I am pleased to know that the DNA evidence now points us all in this direction. I am a Seneca Indian of Western NY and have enough knowledge of the legends of the Seneca culture to have always felt that the lands of the Book of Mormon were closer to the great lakes region than was first implied in the Church. I have felt in the past that the location of the lands of the Book of Mormon was controversial and now feel that the controversy is now over. I do not imply that this newly found info should replace receiving a spiritual testimony through prayer but this knowledge can not be ignored given the fact that the church has many who would undermine the weak in faith and try to place doubt into the infant testimonies that come into the church everyday.” -HJ-NY
03.26.08 “…there is something so engaging about your project that I would love to be a part of it. I know that the Book of Mormon is a book on faith. If the Lord wanted us to know absolutely he would have told one of the Prophets to make a statement about the geography of the B of M. I truly believe He wants it to remain a book about faith as faith builds testimonies and is another aspect of our test period here on earth. Uncovering mysteries and evidence just helps to reinforce one’s faith in the truthfulness of the gospel. I originally was drawn to the gospel many years ago because it was so logical and answered so many aspects of Christian religion that I questioned as a child. It has been line upon line ever since and I love adding more to it with the details that you find. It is a great puzzle unfolding in front of you. I can really see your entire project mushrooming in the near future. The truth cannot be hidden forever. I am still so excited that the recognition is coming. The linguistics professor in my ward even asked me the other day if he could borrow my DVD next week 😉 I wonder who else mentioned it to him to make him curious now? Your work will spread exponentially soon!” -LM-UT
04.28.08 “On [name withheld]’s recommendation, I recently ordered your DVD (I was sure that it would not change my mind as I have studied for years the BoM geography and mapping, etc.) Having said that, however, I have to tell you, I just finished your 4 hour DVD and without any hesitation, I have to admit that I was clearly mistaken and I have now fully subscribed to your latest findings as the “most correct” interpretation of data findings “currently” available. This is the biggest thing I have seen on the BoM since I first came to know it was true some 28 years ago. I am convinced that once we can get the preponderance of energy re-focused around your more correct map of BoM geography that even more breakthroughs and refinements will come forth to strengthen to the already “firm foundation” you have so effectively built. Already, you have made me appreciate more the place in which we have lived the last 20 years (Upstate NY). I have always said jokingly to my Utah family and friends, this WAS the Lord’s First Choice”. Until now I did not appreciate just how significant THAT statement really was! Seriously, give me a call, these are amazing and powerful break-“with” findings that need to become more and more accessible to thousands if not millions of people. My heart and mind is really on-fire with this one…” -BT-NY
03.17.08 “I communicated with you by email about 2 weeks ago after I had seen your 4 hr DVD and loved it. Well, I watched it again last night with my wife and it seemed that it became more obvious and clear as to the truthfulness of your research. After watching it, we watched the newest deseret book central american theory, (I think was called the new world), and found it laden with errors, confusion, flaws, and underthought. Although it did contain truths about characters and certain pieces of testimony, it sought to tie the Nephites and Lamanites as coexisting with Mayas in every geographical region….thus explaining the Asian blood line so spoken of in recent years. It was also shocking how the scholars of genetics disregarded the possibility of ever knowing or identifying their DNA. One professor called it “impossible”. It was so interesting that the entire documentary never really quoted or referenced scripture, but opinions like “I think”, “they probably”, “our best thought”, or “most likely” occurred over and over again without any citations referenced from the BOM or Joseph Smith. Now that what you have found is true, a way must be made to put substantial amounts of money in even greater research with a major film of study. This must find a way to the general public because of its authenticity and direct correlation with truth. I fear that when many hear about your claims, many automatically fall into the category of “sure, here comes another wacko that has another idea differing from the norm”. Again, keep up the good work. You are laying a powerful foundation. Your research is absolutely believable and convincing….” -CG-AZ
03.14.08 “I am actually watching your DVD for the 2nd time as I am writing this email (just starting the buffalo segment). My Grandfather, [name withheld], is a Mesoamerican theorist and he spent the latter part of his life doing research in Guatemala. After watching your presentation I am convinced that this is North American theory is correct. I struggled all growing up because everything had to have certain conditions be true for anything to happen, etc. I knew that with God all things are possible, however in North America I find that not only with God are all things possible, but in the geographic area things are plausible as well. I have been telling every one I know about this DVD and explained in the best way that I could the concepts that you present. THIS THEORY MAKES SENSE!!!” -MH-AZ
03.17.08 “Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to my husband and I. How exciting to be able to talk to the very person who is behind such a great work. I felt so blessed when I hung up the phone and so thankful that the Lord has guided you through this sacred project. For now we will put out the word and pray daily that this will bring millions to the gospel. How great your joy will be from the fruits of your labors! Thank you again and again!” -PG-KS
04.29.08 “We were missionaries at the Historic Sites around Palmyra. One of the most often asked questions by visitors to the Hill Cumorah was, “Is this where the final battle between the Lamanites and the Nephites really took place?” The missionaries stock answer was, “We don’t know for sure.” However, when [name withheld], down in Mesa, sent me your DVDs they were watched with great interest by many of the senior missionary couples. You make some very compelling arguments.” -GP-UT
02.24.08 “Nothing makes me feel better than someone finally [challenging] the Farms organization and apologists throughout. They do as you say, probably more damage by understating Joseph Smith and calling him ignorant than good as well as stating the Lord and His angels were not concerned about “details”. Thank you for understanding and bearing solemn testimony of his divine nature and role in the restored gospel. He truly stated it best when he said “no one knows me”. Its because he had a wealth of information but the saints were not ready to receive it (and other reasons I am sure). I was once a Mesoamerica believer. Good work. Good job on stating that the spiritual evidences of the Book of Mormon are far more important than the physical. Keep following the spirit and I daresay you will find out many more truths far greater “even the mysteries of godliness” [name withheld] of Phoenix AZ made me watch the video. Easiest 4 hours I have ever sat through. Can’t wait for your appearance here in March to the Valley of the Sun.” -MS-AZ
02.26.08 “My husband and I REALLY appreciated all the time you’ve put into the great research on this video. Thank you again and again for also fighting back the anti Mormon literature. This video is doing so much good in more than one way! Your discoveries are so exciting! We came in contact with your video through our bishop, [name withheld], here in St. George, whose brother, [name withheld] had given one to him – so the word is spreading fast.” -PS-UT
03.03.08 “I finally got your video in the mail, and I will tell you, you have some interesting points. What an amazing video actually. I think you might be right, that the BOM actually took place on American soil, and the proof you have is incredible. But your video is very compelling, and very believable. But Rod, you really did a good job putting all the information together, as far as the research goes. You just need to make the video a bit more interesting in the way you present the information so people won’t get tired of watching the DNA portion and find everything you talk about the best thing they’ve ever heard regarding the Book of Mormon.” -JB-UT
03.04.08 “Your research sits comfortably in my mind and heart. All people, especially LDS people should know and understand such findings. The major and I do say major, obstacle is breaking down the barriers of old south/central american supposed doctrinal precedants. Your findings contradict what the people of the Church have always pictured in their minds…..but somehow must be disintegrated tactfully and carefully. You have your work cut out for you. However, because it is true, you will definitely and infintely find a guiding hand of assistance. I am very conservative in nature but understand sometimes old precedants must be shattered to progress.” -CG-UT
05.02.08 “I recently viewed your DVD and am anxious to order my own copy and share it with friends and family member and non-member alike. I actually served my mission in Guatemala and have been to most the sites there, so it was interesting to shift my “pair of dimes.” I commend you for your insight and research and I think you have laid the groundwork for much more to come.” -TS, unknown
04.24.08 “[name withheld] is the person who introduced us to your DVD. I’m so glad he did. It just feels right! It makes me love and appreciate the Prophet Joseph and the Book of Mormon even more. I also have a greater love and respect for this nation and for those who have defended the freedoms we enjoy. It also makes me even more determined to stand up for what is virtuous and right. Thank you for sharing your insights and research with the rest of us. I look forward to reading the Book of Mormon with this new perspective, and I am anxious to share the DVD with my friends and family.” -MG-ID
03.05.08 “Watched your DVD at my daughters in Lindon Monday night. She has been wanting me to see it really bad. What can I say it was awesome!!!You look like the son-in-law I never had. Anyway I am hooked. It is like a puzzle falling into place. I can picture so much more when I read the Book of Mormon. Thank you so much for your insights. I work at the Manti Temple and before I saw the DVD I asked a few of the sisters in the cafateria if they had heard of such a thing. Some thought I was crazy and one sister had been to a Book of Mormon class before and her husband went on a mission to Ohio. And she backed me up on the fortresses and the mounds of dirt back there. I know my testimony has already been strengthened. For I know the church is true and so is Joseph Smith.” -PC-UT
03.06.08 “I just wanted to thank you for the time you rendered to me today as you headed to your destination. There aren’t many people with whom I can discuss some of the issues we discussed today. I appreciated your scientifically based ideas, although I must confess, my knowledge of scientific processes is too limited to fairly judge all the merits, it sounds like you have arrived at some interesting conclusions which you feel confident you can defend to those more learned in this area than myself. One thing you must admit about the Prophet Joseph Smith is that he never shy’ ed away from letting us know what he thought on a whole range of subjects encompassing all ages of God’s dealings with man from the very beginning. Not only did he bring us a whole new book of scripture called the Book of Mormon which relates the history of prophets and their people from the time just after the tower of Babel onward, but he also added to the discussion of the history of God’s people from Adam forward, including the possibility of the Gospel of Jesus Christ being an eternal message predating even our arrival on this earth in mortality. I applaud your extensive work on the Book of Mormon in North America and DNA issues. I think this will be an exciting era in the discussion which began in 1829 as the Book of Mormon was getting ready to come forth. During the first eighteen years of Church history, it seems all were pretty content with the North American theory, and then after the turn of the 20th century the whole discussion moved to Mesoamerica. The DNA controversy along with your work surely promises to re-open the whole field with a new focus on North American origins. However, as with any of the areas of discussion regarding Mormon claims to divine authority, the day may come when the critics have to move on from attacking primarily the Book of Mormon and will begin to focus more on other things Joseph Smith claimed to be true, and specifically those things which appear in our cannon and therefore cannot be relegated to Joseph’s mere opinion. I can see the day when the critics may throw up their hands and realize that the Book of Mormon is at least “plausible” if not true…” -WW-UT
03.15.08 “I watched a portion of your video in the home of my father in law, who knew I would be interested in the topic because of our lengthy conversations about some of the points discussed in your presentation. He received a copy of the DVD from his mother in law, [name withheld], of Lindon, Utah. They were trying to get me a copy of my own, but I couldn’t wait, so I bought my own. You have answered many questions and you have made me ask think of many more. I appreciate thoughtful and researched material presented objectively. I have been a pharmacist for 10 years and understand how to sift through scientific data and can judge the value and merit of quality research vs. biased research and understand the power of and errors in using statistical analysis. Thanks for working hard to present information on the Book of Mormon in this light. I do not need nor do I desire for the scientific community to prove to me the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, but I am happy to see credible research presented to validate what I already know to be true. I do not worry about the superfluous propaganda trying to convince mormons and non-mormons that the Book of Mormon was created by Joseph Smith or some other source than that which it claims to be from. I grow weary of vain attempts to discredit the prophet and the Book of Mormon and I am pleased to see a little bit of hard work to shed more light on the issue. More importantly, it is nice to hear opinions that can be confirmed by the Holy Ghost.” -DEH-NV
04.14.08 “I wanted to wait until I talked to my institute teacher to email you back to tell you what he said. He was very excited about it and said he had read up on books about the central america theory for a long time and it never seemed to sit right with him, but that he couldn’t refute your evidence at all. He said he was completely convinced that the BOM occured in North America. I gave him the DVD so he could share with other institute teachers. Giving this DVD to him will help spread this around like wildfire!” -AA-UT
03.17.08 “I wish to express my astonishment for the amount of meticulous research you have done, and am nothing short of astounded with your adherence to scientific procedures to be as correct as you possibly can. I wish you the best of luck and my prayers. Ciao, il tuo fratello nel Vangelo,” -JZ-UT
03.18.08 “I am the Branch President of the [name withheld]Retirement Branch… Once a month we have an “empty-nester’s” Family Home Evening. Last night, the topic was your presentation. I am now a computer programmer by profession, I have a graduate degree in Physics, so I am familiar with the scientific method and know how to follow references, etc. I was very impressed with what I saw and wanted to see the rest. In addition, I wanted to give the DVD to my son and daughter (both married with their own families). I look forward to viewing the entire DVD. Thank you very much for making this material available.” -SM-UT
03.18.08 “My husband is so blown away by this information. He always is searching for this type of evidence. He has watched the video twice already. And gets so excited. Thanks!” -SS-UT
03.18.08 “I’m a talker – but, I don’t have enough words to tell you how grateful I am to you for all you’ve done !! …Thank you for all your time and effort to produce this amazing DVD ! I’m so excited about so many parts of the DVD that my mind has been busy thinking over the many “pearls” of information you uncovered and shared. … and knowing I own this DVD with all it’s treasures of information, has made me so happy. I look forward to reviewing it over and over again.” -DS-unknown
03.19.08 “I saw your DVD and am blown away. I grew up with the [name withheld] family and [name withheld] was the one who gave me the DVD. Thanks for all your research. I have a friend who is very skeptical of the Book of Mormon. He is LDS, but he does not have a testimony of Joseph Smith and the BOM. His skepticism is based on the same logic you use; physical evidence does (doesn’t in his case) match up. I know that faith precedes testimony, but I feel this DVD would be great for him. There are people who have presented this theory before. I have been researching your theories and feel that you have addressed many of the original location problems of the great lakes theory and the haplogroup x issues. I have searched and I haven’t found anyone that is a critic of your work yet. I am very grateful for what you have presented. I whole heatedly believe the theory. This has helped the Book of Mormon come alive again.” -JB-AZ
03.21.08 “I have watched the Dvd I ordered from your website. I found itabsolutely fascinating. Thank you for all your careful research. Iappreciate the references, the thoroughness, the attention to detail,the dependance on the words of the Prophet and the scriptural record itself. Your theories and evidence make absolute sense to me, and as I reread the Book of Mormon with these things in mind, you can be sure I will be thinking of your maps, overlays, evidence, and suggestions. At very least I am open to these theories as being possible. I proceed my studies and thoughts on this matter with some caution, but with great excitement too. I will certainly be watching this again,sharing it with my family, encouraging my friends and associates to acquire a dvd to view so we can discuss it. Once again, thank you so much. I am currently teaching a class on the Book of Mormon at the University of Washington Institute of Religion.” -HM-WA
03.27.08 “I have had the DVD on my desk for 3 months now never really having a great deal of time to view it until now (spring break). All I can say is WOW!!! First off why wasn’t my copy autographed? Second how does it feel to be such a marvelous instrument in the Lord’s hands? I am so impressed on so many levels and to think I actually know you. I can hardly wait to share this DVD. Oh my goodness all I can say is it makes so much sense and has allowed my mental view of the Book of Mormon to be so much clearer. Thank you for all this work and for sharing with me. Well, last thing I want to say is I nominate you for the LDS version of the Academy Awards.” -KG-MO
03.30.08 “I’ve been watching for the last 4 hours, great, great, the spirit is so strong, this day, my testimony has doubled, wonderful message., how can we help?” -AT-UT
04.05.08 “We attended your presentation last night and LOVED it! My husband has asked me time and time again to go to Desert Book and find him a book on the geography of the Book of Mormon. The only books I could find were the Central American books- which [my] husband felt strongly were not correct. He said you answered questions that he has had since he was 17 years old. Thank you! I haven’t seen my husband this excited about something in a long time. We truly live in an amazing time!” -DS-UT to NY
04.24.08 “Of course it all makes sense. Kind of a “that’s what the scriptures say.” Nice to see the science backs it.” -CR-AK
04.05.08 “I was surfing the radio dial on Saturday (?) when I caught the tail end of your interview with a local radio talk host. Caught the notice that you would be at the St. George Tabernacle on 4/4/08 and after attending the presentation, went on the web site and ordered the DVD. I wish you could have spent more time on the “speculation” portion of your presentation. I’ve never been satisfied with the Chilean and Central American theories of the geography of the Book of Mormon. Thanks for the fascinating presentation.” -BM-UT
04.02.08 “The disc is the hot topic at church these days. The missionaries have all had a chance to watch it and I have yet to talk to the mission president about it. I hope that you will look for the day to come out here and let me know so that we can start getting the location and the news out that you are coming. I appreciate your work more than you can know. I am grateful to you for staying close to the Lord.” -YB-CA
04.15.08 “As I read the Book of Mormon, it [used to] put me to sleep. Now it has come alive and I look for all the parts that I can say, that took place in New York, or Ohio or the River Sidon is the Mississippi River. [name withheld] and I work next to each other and we find our selves talking about the DVD’s and the Book of Mormon about every chance we get. A co-worker by us has a map of the United States in his office. We are always in there, reading a scripture in the Book of Mormon and then trying to find the place on the map. Very interesting how you can now visualize the place [where] that part of the Book of Mormon took place. Just a short story – last week I went to my home town to help my 80 year old mother with her spring cleaning list. We watched both the DVD’s and then her visiting teachers came and they sat down and watched. I told them about the DVD’s and the web sites. These older women got real excited about what they saw. They thought I was real smart, maybe because I had watched both of them a few times. Thanks for helping bring the Book of Mormon alive in me again.” -RS-UT
04.15.08 “We received your CD today in the mail and are watching it right now. Firstlet me say that you have done an EXCELLENT job in compiling all this research and information. What you are saying just makes so much sense.It flows so smoothly with what the scriptures teach and Joseph Smith says. Again thank you for putting this together. It has been an answer to a prayer.” -LF-UT
09.29.2007 “I have my church building scheduled for the Friday presentation. The problem is that if we have it in the gymnasium we would have to use a small portable screen which if we get a couple hundred people to attend will not be big enough. So, I am checking with the Stake President to see if we can use the chapel which has a large drop down screen. If we can’t do that then we may have to move to a different building which has a large screen in the gymnasium. My Stake President has approved me sending an email to the Priesthood leaders to have them make an announcement and he has allowed me to put an insert into the bulletins. I am also in contact with another Stake President and he is interested as well so hopefully we can use his stake center(next to the temple) for the Sat presentation. Pres. [Name withheld], the Mission President, will be viewing the DVD this weekend…” -BB, ID
10.23.2007 “Everyone that we speak to about your DVD is excited. Several people have stated that this is an answer to prayer because of weak testimonies and questions that some Bishops & Stake Presidents can’t answer – this will assist them. The children are asking questions and this should give answers.” -WSW, AZ
11.02.2007 “We are Elder and Sister [name withheld], currently serving in the Rochester New York Mission, specifically in the historic sites near Palmyra. We have just this evening watched your DVD on DNA evidences for Book of Mormon Geography. One of the senior Elders, Elder [name withheld] let us borrow a copy. We watched it with he and Sister [name withheld]. What a surprise it was to see that it was you, our neighbor that had put this together. And, since being here in this area we have had strong feelings that what you had presented are true. We feel that indeed the battles between the Nephites and Lamanites were fought here in this very area. Western New York is a very beautiful area, many trees, hills (but no mountains), rivers and of course, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. Plus, the eleven fingerlakes and river flowing from them. There is much water here, And, it’s pretty obvious that the narrow neck of land is that stretch between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. It is flat country and easy to navigate. We have never been to the Hill Cumorah that is in Central America, but the Spirit tells us that the one here is the Hill Cumorah, or Ramah spoken of by the Prophet Joseph Smith. In the Book of Mormon it speaks of the battle ‘line,’ and there is a very definite line near the lakes, it is Ridge Road, with valleys, cliffs and rivers nearby. The Spirit is so strong here as well as the beauty of the area. Thank you for that DVD. It is well done and the information given is wonderful.” -BJ, UT/NY
10.20.2007 “May I just say I got chills clear down to my toes last night. It seemed to confirm everything I thought was right when I was a child until they taught me differently in seminary. Excellent in every way. We had to leave early last night and are trying to get a sitter so we can catch the second half tonight.” -BP, ID
10.15.2007 “Thanks again for the great research. It is so nice to see modern science prove out the gospel.” -RP, AZ
10.09.2007 “ My wife and I loved your presentation and are very excited about your research. The scriptures and Joseph Smith quotes combined with the DNA testing was powerful. I especially liked your Lucy Mack Smith quote about how Joseph would tell Nephite stories to his family, it helped me remember who Joseph Smith really was and that he really knew–he knew. In 1990, I went on a “Book of Mormon” tour to Southern Mexico and Guatemala with [name withheld] as the guide. I know [name withheld] is very sincere in his research and I assume that most if not all of the LDS archeologists are also sincere. However, it does seem, at least to me, that the LDS academic community has tried to outsmart the prophet Joseph Smith and has ignored many of the things he said while totally embracing other items. One thing that has always bothered me about the Central America theory is the quotes from Joseph Smith and even Brigham Young – they don’t fit in Central America. I have read the Book of Mormon many times and I must tell you that after watching your video I had the thoughts, if these really are the Nephite remnants, where are they now? Have any joined the church? What can I do to help these people know who they are? Their promises are about as big as they get – I’m afraid we may have missed the boat with our missionary efforts to the Lamanites! I agree with you on Christ visiting the Mayan – there is just too much evidence. Too many of us have just confused the Lamanites with this other people. Please let me know when your future CDs becomes available.” -DA, AZ
09.17.2007 “My wife and I just finished watching your DVD, “DNA Evidence for the Book of Mormon.” We were thrilled beyond expression to finally learn the truth and the evidence to questions that we have had for over 60 years. I served a mission to the Central States in 1947 to 1949 and my wife and I have served 2 missions together in recent years. We have always had questions as to how stone buildings were burned and why the records of the people of South America were found in the North Eastern part of the United States. When General Authorities would visit the Mission Field, the question as to where the Nephites landed would always come up. The same answer would always be given and that was “We don’t know and it really does not matter”. If we have a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and of the Prophet Joseph Smith, it does not matter. Now that a small group have tried to disprove the Book of Mormon by their DNA “evidence” then we need to know how to respond and to have questions answered that we have wondered about for many years. We thank you very much for all of the hard work, effort and finances that you have expended to bring about this very important work. We have never doubted the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith nor any part of the Gospel, but this only strengthens our testimony and we pray that your work will help those whose testimonies are fragile.” -WW, AZ
09.01.2007 “I just finished viewing the 2nd Disc of your presentation, especially the geographical part, and I’ve gotta tell you….my immediate reaction was that it all makes so much sense. I am utterly amazed (as in jaw-dropping amazed) how so many geographical clues are actually in the BOM for those willing to really study it out and analyze them. I was REALLY impressed with the part about migratory beasts and how its a slam dunk. How could something so simple have been overlooked for so long? And Davies & Squires “Antiquities” in my opinion is just mind-blowing. How has THAT been overlooked by latter-day saints for so many decades? I just don’t get it. This stuff was so huge in its day, how did this big “disconnect” happen? Wouldn’t early saints have had some familiarity with some of these obvious evidences? I had no idea that there were hundreds or even thousands of documented bone pits. I’ve always wondered if there were literally hundreds of thousands of inhabitants wiped out in a great last struggle of extinction there would have to be evidence for all these skeletons. BOM says there were a million Jaredites killed in war so where do you hide a million bodies? Their skeletons have to be somewhere. It saddened me to hear that they could just plow right over and destroy a major site of antiquity like it was nothing. In fact, I remember reading somewhere, I don’t remember where exactly, that at one time there were tens of thousands of mound sites and that most of those have been lost or destroyed in the name of housing and commercial development over the past 200 years.” -NM, AZ
11.10.2007 “One of my brother’s,[name withheld] gave me a copy of the CD’s mentioned in the subject line above. My wife and I have watched the CD’s 2 or 3 times now and have found it to be very interesting and we feel what is mentioned makes much sense! I’ve read the Book of Mormon many times (and my wife and I have visited Guatemala on a Book of Mormon tour) and the things you point out in the CD’s are so logical, aside from the DNA issue. If possible, I would like to order about 5 to 10 of these CD’s. How can I do this?” -SL, AZ
11.02.2007 “I saw your presentation at the Columbia Village church in Boise. I was extremely impressed. It was extremely fascinating. I wanted to ask you after the meeting if you could use any future help in your projects? I have a BS in biochemistry with training in molecular and cellular biology. I currently work as a medical sales rep (so I don’t use the education I received in those areas much). I would love to put it to use in some capacity such as the project you’re working on and add to it.” -GO, ID
10.30.2007 “I am a missionary working in the Mesa Regional Family History Center and some one brought a copy of DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography. I have seen the DVD’s and find them to be of great worth, But I had to return them to their rightful owner.” -ES, AZ
10.23.07 “My husband, [name withheld], daughter, [name withheld], and I attended your presentation last Saturday evening in Boise. Thank you so much for all the time and efforts you’ve obviously taken to put together such a well thought out, easily understandable presentation. We hadn’t heard anything about the DNA controversy, but were just curious about the archeology aspect in the flyer we saw. Our curiosity turned into such a blessing and we are so grateful to you. [name withheld] is actually my step daughter from a previous marriage and just recently came to live with [name withheld] and I. She’s 16 and had a difficult life with a lot of turmoil and very little healthy building blocks or examples to work with. She’s struggling. She came to the presentation with us more because she didn’t want to babysit than because she wanted to be there. The Spirit, through you, was able to really turn that around and open a door. It turned out to be a wonderful experience for her (and for us). We look forward to the completion of your web site and hope to hear from you soon. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart for touching [name withheld]’s heart and helping her take a step in the right direction.” -BJ, ID
10.20.2007 “I really enjoyed your presentation tonight in Boise. Sometimes it takes someone outside of academia to bring fresh insights to subjects, and I felt like that was definitely true in your case. Also, it’s a relief to see someone take on the DNA argument against the Book of Mormon. I think people like you will be critically important to defending the Mormon faith against attacks by outsiders. I regret that I was unable to stay for the duration of the presentation (we had to get home to our four kids!), but what I heard was impressive and original. My biggest problem with presentations like this in general is that I feel that faith in the Book of Mormon cannot possibly be based on physical or scientific evidence. Moroni’s challenge remains the gold standard. My husband has unshakeable faith in the truth of the Book of Mormon, based on powerful spiritual experiences. My spiritual experiences have pointed me in other directions. But I remain firmly committed to my family’s involvement in the church, and I am appalled by the bad behavior and intellectual sloppiness of so-called anti-Mormons. I have no idea why anyone would want to denigrate what is clearly a beautiful, powerful faith. So it is important for the church to have defenders, especially in the current environment.” -LW, ID
10.19.2007 “Your presentation in Boise tonight was amazing! I only wish we had 3 more hours to cover all the slides that you had to fly so quickly through. Thank you for taking the time to come up here and share your thorough and defendable research with us. I can’t believe how clear it all became as you expounded on what you had found. Looking forward to the release of the forthcoming revamped DVD so I can share it with some friends and family! Certainly a testimony can’t be sustainable based solely on this evidence but it is very empowering to see so much real, hard evidence of what we as a church have testified of for so many years.” -BR, ID
10.07.2007 “I enjoyed your video presentation very much. I’m a Bishop in [city withheld], AZ and my son-in-law bought one of your DVD’s for me. I had read all the information on the DNA issue several years ago and it raised a few questions but I realized that my testimony was based on a spiritual confirmation and there were probably answers out there that had not come forth. Thank you for finding them. It makes very good sense and I wonder how this slipped by so many students of the history of the Book of Mormon. I was wondering how I might get additional copies of your DVD? I have a very close friend who is involved with the Concerned Christians and I think this may be a great help to him. Thanks again for your tremendous efforts.” -RP, AZ
10.04.2007 “We have just watched the DVD for the second time and are very interested in your findings. Do you have any charts or maps of the lands where they people in the BofM traveled? Like the Land of Nephi, Zarahemla and Bountiful. If so we would like to buy some.” -BT, AZ
10.03.2007 “[name withheld] is our home teacher and has introduced me to your work through our church circles. Last week as he visited our home, he lent me your DVDs on the DNA Evidence for the Book of Mormon. I finished viewing both disks yesterday and am absolutely excited and thrilled to share this with my family. This is truly significant research and I want you to know how grateful I am to you for all your hard work. What an endeavor! Your work has already had great impact on lives of my family and friends — and I want to share with you what has transpired just within the past 24 hours. Today, a troubled young woman called me from Boise, Idaho in complete distress. She comes from a very stable LDS family; however, she is trying to determine for herself whether or not “her parents’ religion” is true. (The Lord’s timing is always perfect, isn’t it? I am constantly amazed that I find myself amazed with this truth). Anyway, as I was telling her about your DNA evidence, she resolved to rededicate her life to the Lord by commiting to the Gospel and to never settle for anything less than a temple marriage. You were the favorite biggest discussion at my book club this afternoon. And later, over the telephone with [name withheld], …your name came up again. She asked me if I have ever heard of you. Brother Meldrum, I can’t even sleep! I know in my heart that you are on to something very significant.” The family has just started your DVD — again. (Our daughter’s boyfriend wants to view it, as he heard many of the naysayers in his Alabama mission refer to the DNA proof denouncing the church several years ago). I need to close, but please know that we are fervently praying for your DVD to reach further exposure into the world regarding this fabulous endeavor. Keep up the great work! -NW, AZ
09.30.2007 “One of my friends here watched the DVD this week and had a few comments: For him, the real clinchers were the Haplogroup X DNA links and the quotes from Joseph Smith. And he said if the relics/artifacts are real, they would be huge, since according to him one of the key evidences missing from the North America BoM case is written language. He was not as impressed with the temple case against the Central America sites. His point was that the archaeologists know that the temples don’t match the Nephite/Lamanite time frames, and therefore are the product of a Lamanite apostate religion that twisted the temple usage, etc. He was impressed, though with the dimensionality match of the temple construct in NA with Solomon’s temple dimensions. This brother is keen to get the next version when it’s available. He has traveled the Central American sites with his parents and studied them extensively. His name is [name withheld].” -JH, AZ
09.29.2007 “I j[u]st viewed a portion of you two disk material on DNA edidence for the Book of Mormon Geography that Elder [name withheld] shared with me. The material is good enough to want one for my personal library. Thanks for your kindness and especially your valuable insights. Elder [name withheld] “ -ES, NY
09.24.2007 “My uncle sent us your DVD, and I just watched it last night. Great work, I loved it and appreciate the work you’ve done.” -TT, UT
09.20.07 “My step daughter was the first of my children to watch your presentation. She and her husband said once they got into it about an hour, they couldn’t stop watching. They were as amazed as myself at what you have put together. Amazing” -HA, UT
09.16.07 “Thank you for your research. My wife and I enjoyed watching your presentation and seeing everything so carefully cited. How exciting that there are so many irrefutable evidences! Thank you so much for this gift of knowledge!” -JM, OR
09.15.2007 “Thank you for your work. I’m watching for the 4th time. I am amazed at what you have found. It’s hard to believe I could have been a member for so many years, thinking what I thought. Thank you again. I’ve mailed off five to family members, suggesting they may be on the cutting edge of what will now be considered the “Book of Mormon” lands.” -HA, UT
09.14.2007 “Dear Brother Meldrum, We have just finished viewing your DVD that was loaned to us by a friend. We find it very interesting and it conforms to ideas we have had for a long time. (If the civilization was restricted to Guatemala region, why, and how did Moroni get to Manchester, NY to bury the plates.) Thank you so much for doing this research. Our area has not been hit yet by the anti’s with their DVD, DNA vs. The Book of Mormon. However we understand that Chandler, just west of us, has been deluged with it.” -RR, AZ
09.12.2007 “I just finished watching your DVD and found it absolutely fascinating and insightful. It really validated some things I have always wondered or thought about. Since I borrowed a copy from my neighbor, I would like to know how I can purchase one or two for myself.” -GE, AZ
09.10.07 “You are right. The gospel is true and the Book of Mormon contains the everlasting fullness. Your work is ingenious and important. I am a 26yr old rm and I am certain that I could bring together close to 30 people for a presentation. Thank you for your generous offer. I will take advantage of your generosity and give you a call this week. Thank you again!” -ZH, UT
09.10.2007 “I had the opportunity and pleasure of viewing your dvd presentation that you lent to my father, [name withheld], with some friends and we all enjoyed it very much. We, all of us, wanted to attend your presentation on Sunday but had other family obligations to attend to. Please let me know when you will be giving another one as I and the others who saw the presentation have a keen interest and several questions. Thank you again for your work and your time.” -ZH, UT
09.07.2007 “Great work and very interesting. What did FARMS think? I would love a hard copy or power point of your material. I’m in New York on a mission and loving it here in Palmyra at the Historical Sites.” -EP, NY
09.05.2007 “I am a Senior Missionary serving at the Cumorah Sites. I just watched your “DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography” presentation and was so pleased to find the evidences to support my suspicions. Elder [name withheld]” -Elder B, NY
09.04.2007 “I heard your presentation the other night in Mesa, Arizona. It was fabulous and your excitement and knowledge of the subject was awe-inspiring. I have shared some of the information with my sister-in-law who lives in Col. Dublan, Mexico (which is very close to the temple in Col. Juarez). She is interested in getting a group together to hear your presentation. She will be contacting you either by e-mail, snail mail or phone in the near future. Her name is [name withheld]. Wishing you the best as you move forward on this and other projects.” -CJ, AZ
08.26.2007 “[name withheld] and I attended the August 25, 2007 presentation. That was an incredible experience. Thank you for the hundreds of hours of research that would have been required to compile the data for your presentation. You have done a masterful job, we know that what you have uncovered is right. Hopefully this will have an impact and be a help to those that are searching for scientific verification. Like you, we have a witness of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon by the Holy Ghost. However, there is a certain satisfaction knowing that the words of the Lord are verified by the scientific community, whether they intended to do so or not.” -JC, UT
“We enjoyed the presentation last evening. Thank you for the immense and unimaginable time and effort you have put into this initiative. I realize that elements of this subject may be discussed and debated for some time, but I do feel you have some excellent material with good documentation. I am confident there will be significant interest in what you are doing, especially as the word gets around. I was very interested in all aspects of your research and presentation, but a little disappointed that there wasn’t adequate time to present the entire message. Thank you again for the work you are doing. I realize that there may not yet be a definitive answer for all the questions, but what you are doing is valuable and I believe contributing to our knowledge and understanding with excellent research and factual information.” -HB, UT
08.24.2007 “I arrived to the meeting last night a few minutes late and I didn’t hear about the SLC incident and I did not perceive that you were “flustered”. You did a great job and I appreciate your diligence in digging into this issue and sharing the results of your findings with us. I do plan on watching the DVD but it may be several days before I’m able to do that as my schedule is a little tight right now. Yes, the gospel is TRUE and I’m grateful for my heritage and those that went before and recognized and embraced this truth. Oh that we can be true to the faith to the end. It is information like you are sharing that will help many stay on the straight and narrow.” -MC, UT
08.24.2007 “Just a quick note to tha[nk]t you for the experience and the insight last night. Also, thanks for your kindness in giving me a ride to my car. I sent an email to many of my friends and associates earlier today and shared my experience with them and encouraged them to go and listen to your message, and also to go with a spirit that if some of the anti- crowd shows up that they can be asked politely to sit and listen or leave. Interestingly, a colleague came over to my desk shortly after I sent the email and his head was spinning a little. He said that he is your neighbor and that he wasn’t awa[re]y of this project you have been working on. My friend is [name removed].” -MC, UT
08.05.2007 “[name removed] forwarded your email to us. Congratulations on the progress. We’d be delighted to have an evening with you in our area. Just let us know the particulars. I’m sure we can pull an evening together.” -JH, AZ
08.01.2007 “I certainly enjoyed the insights you offered on the Almighty’s pouring down knowledge from Heaven on the heads of honestly seeking Later-day Saints — I’m sure that’s exactly what it will take to bring to light the stable blend of reason and revelation that will one day be acknowledged by all as the unshakable foundation upon which all truth is based. We love you for your noble efforts to be an instrument in the Lord’s hand, and are praying for the Spirit to continue guiding you in such an important undertaking. Looking forward to its successful outcome” -Rex, ID
07.31.2007 “Thank you so much, Brother Meldrum! The information you sent is indeed highly encouraging about there being many anxious seekers, who, one might say, “have been kept from the truth only because they knew not where to find it.” Surely you are following Joseph’s counsel to “waste and wear out your life bringing to light” facts that have not been evident before some of today’s newer scientific procedures have made such methods of proof possible. Again, we applaud all you’re doing and look forward to hearing much more about it in the future. Thank You for keeping us informed,” [name removed] -ID
07.29.2007 “I was privileged to attend a power-point presentation conducted by yourself in Provo, just a few days after the two PBS broadcasts on “The Mormons.” You dealt with the DNA findings that included the Haplo Groups X-1 and X-2. With friends at home, and with congregations at church which have included some BYU-I faculty members, I have shared over the pulpit as a High Councilman, some of what I remember having heard you present. My concern has been to help parents realize the importance of giving their youth training by means of clear, personal/family experiences, to depend on prophetic counsel and the Spirit of the Lord to direct them aright, even when limited worldly knowledge and circumstances may combine to suggest otherwise. Listeners have been very appreciative of hearing about the recent DNA findings which validate the Prophets revelations on the subject of Hebrew bloodlines in some of Americas Northeastern tribes, and I’ve had requests for added information and reference materials about the scientific study which produced those results. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, and appreciate all the work you did to collect and put such vital information together. Thank you!” -FG, ID
05.12.2007 “We are so excited to have you come for our Family Home Evening on May 21st at 6:30. …we are soooo looking forward to your presentation. Thank you again for sharing your time and research with us.” -LM Utah

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