Annotated Book of Mormon Page Review

The FIRM Foundation (Foundation for Indigenous Research and Mormonism) is an organization dedicated to showing forth evidences for the Book of Mormon to provide LDS Church members with well researched information enabling them to powerfully and respectfully defend its historicity and thus its truthfulness – with the ultimate goal of bringing people unto Christ.

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The Annotated Book of Mormon has been created to help readers understand the everlasting gospel as explained in the text, together with what the modern prophets and apostles have taught about it. The text has been formatted so readers can identify natural conversations, poetic speech patterns, prophecies, and the words of God. The annotations include prophetic commentaries on quoted scripture and the use of colored text. These elements bear witness to the divinity of this ancient text by drawing upon Hebrew tradition—much different from the nineteenth century rural America known to Joseph Smith.

The Annotated Book of Mormon also focuses on an important part of Moroni’s introduction; i.e., the “former inhabitants of this continent.” Joseph Smith, writing in Nauvoo, Illinois, in 1842, explained that “the remnant [of these ancient inhabitants] are the Indians that now inhabit this country.”

There are “insight pages” inserted throughout the text. These include illustrations, images, maps and prophetic statements that support the proposition that the ancestors of the “Indians that now inhabit this country” closely fit the time frames and events described in the Book of Mormon. As such, their identity is an additional witness of the divine authenticity of the text.

The following are actual pages from the final Annotated Book of Mormon. Some pages are in low resolution on purpose to save space. Remember we have interspersed paintings, maps, pictures, archaeology, etc throughout the actual text of The Book of Mormon. Every page from the Book of Mormon is included in the 600 page volume.

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