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Many people who have viewed the DVD’s or seen the live presentation become very excited to share this information with others. While this is commendable, if done improperly this could lead to putting others in a defensive position because audience survey’s indicate that 95% of everyone that comes to a live presentation or is invited to watch the DVD presentation believe at the onset that Central America or Mesoamerica was where the Book of Mormon took place, while nearly 100% of those leaving indicate their paradigm has completely changed in 4 hours.

Rather than trying to ‘explain’ what you heard and saw during the presentation, I suggest taking the following approach to inviting people to see the presentation. Simply say one of the following:

“Have you heard about the exciting new research that shows that there is a possible genetic link between ancient Jewish populations and Native Americans? It is very interesting. And guess what?……its right where Joseph Smith indicated it would be!”

“Do you know where the Book of Mormon’s “Promised Land” is located? Did you know that there are 36 prophecies about this new world “Promised Land” that clearly establish which Latter-day nation it is? Would you be surprised to find that it may be the same sacred ground where the Book of Mormon occurred?”

Then when their interest is piqued, simply invite them to watch the upcoming DVD or presentation and let it do the work . Don’t attempt to answer questions because this information has to be built properly, line upon line, and precept upon precept, all atop a firm foundation of truth. That way they get all the information they need to make a ‘new paradigm shift’, rather than parts and pieces that you can remember and may present in an unorganized fashion. Don’t tell them the outcome of where the research has lead, but let them make the discovery for themselves as you and I did while seeing the presentation and doing the research. That is a thousand times more powerful then ‘telling’ them where it happened and why they should want to watch it. This has been the case for thousands who now have seen the presentation.


Hello Friends,

You are cordially invited to participate in a special presentation titled ‘ DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography; New scientific support of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon ‘. This new research validates the Book of Mormon as both a spiritual and historical record and testifies of the Prophetic calling of The Prophet, Joseph Smith Jr. This was accomplished through DNA, Prophetic, Scriptural, Historical, Climatological, Archaeological, Social and Cultural evidences found as a result of four years of research.

We will address questions such as:

  • Where is the ‘Promised Land’ of the Book of Mormon?
  • What Latter-day nation qualifies to be this “Promised Land’ according to its 36 prophecies and promises?
  • Did the Book of Mormon account take place on this ‘Promised Land?’
  • What clues does the book itself give us about where the Book of Mormon took place?
  • What did the Prophet, Joseph Smith know about the books geography?
  • What is the controversy surrounding DNA and the Book of Mormon?
  • Why is finding ‘Lamanite’ DNA in the America’s important?
  • Could genetics help us discover where the Book of Mormon may have taken place?
  • What indications does the book itself give about climate?
  • Are there any civilizations that qualify as being ‘Nephite’, ‘Lamanite’, or ‘Jaredite’?
  • if so, what archaeological evidence is there for these civilizations?
  • Are there any ‘Book of Mormon’ archaeological artifacts?
  • Is knowing the geography of the Book of Mormon important?
  • Will this information lead to a greater understanding of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, the Prophet, Joseph Smith and to the church he organized?
  • And most importantly, can the answers to these questions help to bring people to Christ?

This presentation addresses these questions and much more. It has now been seen by numerous members of the church, from general members to General Authorities, including Stake Presidents, Bishop’s, and Mission Presidents.
All who have seen it have been very moved and excited about the information and how it ‘just makes sense’ intellectually as well as spiritually. For most, it will feel like you have always known these things to be true, and for others, these new insights and information may completely change your paradigm!

This is a great opportunity to do some missionary work, or bring anyone who is struggling with the gospel, or the Book of Mormon’s authenticity as an actual historical document and spiritual record. It is also hoped that it will strengthen your own testimony of the truth’s found in the gospel. Please contact us to let us know if you are planning to attend, and how many to expect. We are very excited about sharing this information with you. You are encouraged to come and bring your family, friends and neighbors. Please no children under 16 years old. Admission is free .

NOTE: To get some idea of the magnitude of the problem of ignoring the geography of the Book of Mormon, go to (click link below) and type in ‘book of mormon’ and ‘DNA’. The highest viewing numbers are for an anti-Mormon DVD titled “DNA vs. The Book of Mormon. Youtube shows over 156,000 viewings in the past year . This DVD has sold thousands of copies in the past 4 years! So the question is…Who is buying this documentary, even when anyone can view if free online? The answer is…other ‘Christian’ denominations. Why? Because up until now, there has been no real answer, only explanations of why no DNA evidence in support of the Book of Mormon has been found in Mesoamerica, the favored theoretical location by the LDS scholarly community. Is this the message we want the world to see when they are looking for information on the Book of Mormon?

Click here to see for yourself.


  1. You do realize that you are seriously racing down the fast track to hell, right? Not just for the total lack of grammatical skills and inability to understand the difference between possessives and plurals (it’s Lamanites, not Lamanite’s and “truths found in the gospel” not “truth’s found in the gospel”) but you are preaching such false doctrine here that it is literally sickening. A perfect example of priestcraft if ever I’ve seen one. And the fact that no one can question you until they watch a four-hour video laced with half-truths and outright lies and claims that have been patently shown to be false? You sound like a cult.

    Jesus said even the very elect would be deceived, and you are proof that it’s happening. There’s a reason Rod Meldrum has been banned from church buildings and is no longer allowed to preach his lies in the Lord’s house. There’s a reason the Church came out with a press release targeted at your supposed DNA findings (which are so false and so unscientific I’m surprised you can claim them as fact with a straight face). How do you talk about a foundation of truth and the Gospel and the prophet when you are teaching things that are out of step with the Church itself? How do you justify that? That YOU have the truth and God’s Church on this earth does not? That’s how cults get started and megalomaniacs are formed.

    Shame on you for deliberately leading innocent members of the Church astray for your own financial gain.

  2. I have watched hours upon hours of firm’s work and have meet Rod in person. Of which I will say was a very pleasant and Spirit filled moment. So what is Anonymous talking about Rod not being allowed in church buildings? Also I find it interesting that whoever wrote that post had all that to say , but would not put their name to it. When ever I am stating what I feel to be the truth I let them know that KEITH LOTT is saying it! So I will finish with this, I have felt a more spiritual experience reading the Book of Mormon now that I know where it took place period. I hope all will find the same joy that I have, for I know it and I know that God knows that I know it and I can not lie!

    • I echo your feelings. I have worked with Rod for quite a while and he is the most honorable and loving man and loves the Lord with all his heart. His research is amazing and has made my testimony stronger.

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