Radio Battle Meso vs Heartland


HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Meso vs. Heartland
KLO AM 1430 Salt Lake Radio! Fri June 1st 10 am

As many of you know, Rod Meldrum’s research has blessed and enhanced the lives of thousands and increased their faith in the divine authenticity of the Book of Mormon, the prophetic role of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and a renewed understanding of the sacred covenants with God on His Promised Lands.

The FIRM Foundation (Foundation for Indigenous Research and Mormonism), today comprises ten boards with more than 200 board members and over 40,000 newsletter recipients. sponsors two International Book of Mormon Evidence Expos and Conferences annually with additional regional conferences and events throughout the country and around the world bringing together dozens of the top LDS speakers for thousands of Latter-day Saints.

For years the FIRM Foundation has been trying to develop a more cordial relationship with those who do not necessarily agree with their mission statement. Those who share the Mesoamerican theory of the Book of Mormon love the Church and the Book of Mormon every bit as much as Rod and FIRM Foundation does. Rod, Jonathan Neville, Wayne May and many others have shared with me a desire to reach out to those who believe opposing theories and have meaningful discussions and friendly debate with them.. For what ever reason it has been difficult to make that happen.

A few months ago, Greg Jarrard called me shortly after our April BofM Conference and said he had an idea. He has been in radio for many years and has done a lot of work in marketing and advertising. Greg asked me what I thought of his idea to bring the Heartland and Mesoamerican theories together through radio. I gave it much thought and spoke with Rod and Jonathan about it, and we felt it was a great idea.

I have listened for years to the Laura Ingraham, Michael Medved and Larry Elder radio show’s on KLO AM 1430 here in Salt Lake. When Greg mentioned he wanted to develop Latter Day Radio to air from 10-1 each day to replace Jim Rome whom I never listened to, I was excited. Greg wanted Rod Meldrum to be his first guest and we were honored and excited to participate.

So here it is. It happened quickly, and we hope our friends, customers, and followers will love this opportunity to hear Rod speak about his love of the Book of Mormon and the Savior. We are excited to begin a discussion with Martin Tanner. Martin is well known here in Utah as he has done many programs and currently has his “Religion Today” radio program on KSL Radio. Martin is a strong proponent of the Mesoamerican Theory and Greg has now brought him and Rod together. We hope this will be the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

Friday, June 1st, 10am–1pm

Please tune in as your support is needed so we may continue this adventure. In a few weeks Greg mentioned he will have Jonathan Neville on with Martin as well. LAWYERS FACE OFF in debate about Book of Mormon lands! Martin Tanner, himself a “Meso-America guy,” and “Hopewell” proponent Jonathan Neville, will defend their views on where the Nephites lived and died, coming in June (date TBD)

Rod Meldrum
Author & International Speaker who loves the gospel and believes the Book of Mormon speaks all about the Promised Land of the United States He shares why he feels Book of Mormon events happened in North America.


Martin Tanner
A long-time defender of the truth who speaks on behalf of Gospel principles fearlessly and directly, a veteran talk radio host of Religion Today and Salt Lake attorney. Why he believes in the Mesoamerica theory.

No Holds Barred, Mano-a-Mano
Join us,
Rian Nelson, FIRM Foundation Manager


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