The Scriptural Basis for Book of Mormon Geography


Many proposed Book of Mormon geography theories were originated using a method proposed by Dr. John Sorenson and others who taught that the first step was to create a hypothetical or “internal” map using the 500+ geography related passages.  This has lead to more than 150 different proposed geographies.  The book was not written for its geography, but for its prophecies.  Can we learn more about its geography through its prophecies than we can by speculating using hypothetical maps? Following is a brief synopsis of the scriptural basis for the Heartland Model geography of the Book of Mormon.

How Many Promised Lands Are There, When Were They Established, And Where Are They Located?

The First Recorded “Land of Promise” in Scripture

The first recorded instance of a “ land of promise ” in scripture is a land called Cainan, named after a great-grandson of Father Adam ( PGP Moses 6:17 ).  Three years prior to his death, Adam called his righteous posterity together, specifically including Cainan by name, and gave them his last blessing in the valley of Adam-ondi-Ahman ( D&C 107:53 ).  Interestingly, the original or pre-flood “ land of promise ” was a land in the vicinity of Adam-ondi-Ahman which is known by modern revelation to be within the state of Missouri, USA ( D&C 116:1 ).

Blessings of the Promised Land Covenant

Once Adams posterity rebelled against God, they were swept from this Promised Land by the the great flood. After the flood, Noah’s three sons, Ham, Shem, and Japeth, and their families dispersed from Turkey’s Mount Ararat into three regions roughly known as Egypt, Canaan and Asia respectively.  Following their departure from righteousness, Abraham, a descendant of Shem, left his homeland of Canaan for Egypt for a time, returning again to the lands of his ancestors.  Upon his return he was commanded to sacrifice that which was most precious to him, his son Isaac, on what today is Mount Moriah, or the temple mount of Old Jerusalem.  Because of his unflinching obedience to God, Abraham was promised a land known as Canaan ( Gen. 13:14-15 , Abraham 2:18-19 ), which is present day Israel ( see map ), for his posterity, together with a covenant that as long as his children would keep His commandments, they would be blessed in the land by covenant.

This Promised Land Covenant included: (see overviews in Leviticus 26:1-9 , Deut. 7:11-23 , Deut. 28:1-13 )

  1. A Promised Land (a specific location), (see Genesis 13:14-15 , 48:3-4 , Abraham 2:18-19 )
  2. Posterity (seed), (see Genesis 13:16 , 48:3-4 , 1 Kings 2:3 , 1 Chron. 22:13 , D&C 132:30 , Abr. 2:10-11 )
  3. Prosperity (wealth), (see 1 Kings 2:3 , 1 Chron. 22:13 , Leviticus 26:4 )
  4. Security (protection/peace) Leviticus 26:5-8 , Ezekiel 28:26 , 34:25 , Isaiah 5:5 hedge ” of protection for Israel )

Promised Land Covenant Established To Bless All God’s Children

This covenant, according to Abraham, “ came down from the fathers…before the foundation of the earth ” ( Abraham 1:2-3 ) and was provided by God for the purpose that His covenant people, whilst they lived righteously on their covenanted and promised lands, would be a blessing to “ all the nations of the earth ” ( Gen. 22:18 ). The Lord covenanted with Abraham that “ in thy seed after thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed, even with the blessings of the Gospel, which are the blessings of salvation, even of life eternal ” ( Abraham 2:11 , 3 Nephi 20:25-27 ).  The primary responsibility is to use the covenant blessings provided to bless all God’s children with the gospel.

These two covenant lands, one New World and one Old World, would be provided with the necessities for their success in blessing God’s children with the gospel and would be located conducive to the fulfillment of this responsibility.  Just as ancient Israel was situated amidst the civilizations of Egypt, Babylon, Assyria and Persia, yet remained among the later civilizations of Rome and Greece at the time of Christ, so too the New World covenant land would be provided with all things necessary for its success.  It would also be situated to best take advantage of its location to bless other nations and peoples, to become a shining beacon of hope and light and bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world as had ancient Israel.  These two lands were covenanted and promised by God for the inheritance of His covenant people throughout the history of mankind and these same two promised lands are designated as the final gathering place for God’s chosen people, Israel. They are, namely, Jerusalem and the New Jerusalem.  Both of these physical locations are known through history and through revelation respectively, and are not speculative ( D&C 84:1-4 ).

The Book of Mormon is Consistent With Recorded Old Testament History

Nephi knew of the Promised Land Covenant made and claimed by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the Old World ( 1 Nephi 17:40 ).  According to Christ’s recorded words to the Nephites in the Book of Mormon, there are only two mentioned covenant lands of promise for the house of Israel; Jerusalem ( 3 Nephi 20:29 ) and New Jerusalem ( 3 Nephi 20:22 ).  Through modern revelation the location where the New Jerusalem will be built is today known as the state of Missouri, USA ( D&C 84:1-4 ).  This is also the revealed location of the Garden of Eden . Therefore following the expulsion of Adam and Eve, this is where they began their family, built an altar later located by Joseph Smith, and blessed his righteous posterity ( D&C 107:53 ) in the valley of Adam-ondi-Ahman, making the region the most likely location of the ancient land of Cainan, the original “ land of promise. ”  The scriptures have been consistent throughout time because these covenant lands of promise were established before the foundations of the world.

Jaredites Invoke the Promised Land Covenant

Prior to Lehi’s arrival, the Jaredites, another people led to a promised land by the Lord ( Ether 1:42-43 , Ether 2:7-10 ) invoked the Promised Land Covenant.  They record that “ this land ” the land their civilization occupied, was reserved for the “ remnant of the house of Joseph ” and that this same land will be the location of the “ Holy City, ” the New Jerusalem of the latter days ( Ether 13:8 ). Ether confirms that after the waters of Noah’s flood receded off the face of this land, it became a “ choice land above all other lands, a chosen land of the Lord ” and then affirms that “ it was the place of the New Jerusalem… ” Moroni, the narrator of the record of Ether, then proclaims that “ Ether saw the days of Christ, and he [Christ] spake concerning a New Jerusalem upon this land ” ( Ether 13:2-4 ). Therefore, the lands of the Jaredites were the same as those of the Adamic land of promise, and, according to Christ, on the New Jerusalem lands of the latter days.  Ether also reiterates that the knowledge of the Father’s covenant with the house of Israel, that has been “ hid up from the foundation of the world, ” will be remembered ( Ether 4:14-15 ). Ether acknowledges God’s Promised Land Covenant blessings upon them ( Ether 10:28 ).

What Was the “Covenant” Spoken Of?

Both of these covenant lands were established before the foundations of the world.  The covenant was initiated by Adam in the Garden of Eden on the American land of promise ( Moses 5:11-12 ).  It was invoked anew in the Mediterranean region by Noah and Abraham ( Gen. 6:18 , 8:20 , 9:9 , Abraham 1:2-3 , Ether 13:10-11 ).  Those brought by the Lord back to His land of promise in the America’s re-invoked the covenant upon the people through their prophet leaders, the brother of Jared of the Jaredites ( Ether 2:7-12, 15 ), and Lehi, father of the Nephites and Lamanites ( 2 Nephi 1:5-9 ).

Lehi Invokes the Promised Land Covenant

The prophet Lehi and his son Nephi invoked the Promised Land Covenant or promise with God anew for themselves and their posterity.  They record Gods promised blessings they are to receive and reiterate their willingness to obey His commandments in accordance with their part of the covenant. Lehi proclaims that he invoked and obtained God’s Promised Land Covenant.

2 Nephi 1:5 speaks directly of a “ land of promise ” that is “ choice above all other lands ” that the “ Lord God hath covenanted with me should be a land for the inheritance of my seed. Yea, the Lord hath covenanted this land unto me and to my children forever. ” Christ reiterates His commitment to Lehi’s posterity as He again proclaims, “ And behold, this is the land of your inheritance; and the Father hath given it unto you. ” ( 3 Nephi 15:13 )

For an overview of Lehi’s American Promised Land Covenant read 2 Nephi 1

  1. An “American” Promised Land (a specified land or location), (see 2 Nephi 1:5, 7, 9 , 3:2 )
  2. Blessings of Posterity (seed), (see 1 Nephi 15:14 , 2 Nephi 1:5 , 31-32 , 9:3 , 53 , 30:4 )
  3. Blessings of Prosperity (wealth), (see 1 Nephi 2:20 , 2 Nephi 1:20 , 4:4 , Jarom 1:9 , Mosiah 1:7 , 2:22 , 31 , 27:7 , Alma 9:13 , 36:1 , 37:13 , 38:1 , 48:15, 25 , 50:18-20 , 3 Nephi 5:22 )
  4. Blessings of Security (protection/peace), (see 2 Nephi 1:7, 9 , 31-32 , 3:2 , Jarom 1:9 , Mosiah 2:31 )

Covenant Requirements and Promises

The Lord’s only requirement, in order to receive all the promised blessings of the promised land, along with the posterity, prosperity and security associated with the covenant, is simply this…obey His commandments. Societies who will live by these rules of conduct provided by the Lord cannot help but enjoy the associated blessings since their people would not be bearing false witness, they would be honoring their fathers and mothers, refraining from stealing, not committing adultery or coveting another’s possessions and so on. However, only certain specified lands are involved with the covenant blessings and associated requirement of blessing the other nations of the earth with the gospel.

Nephi records that “ if it so be that they shall serve him according to the commandments which he hath give, it shall be a land of liberty unto them; wherefore, they shall never be brought down into captivity (security); if so, it shall be because of iniquity ” ( 2 Nephi 1:7 ). Lehi “ obtained a promise ” that as long as his people would keep His commandments they “ shall prosper upon the face of this land: and they shall be kept from all other nations ” and have the land for themselves.  If they will but keep those commandments they “ shall be blessed upon the face of this land ” and no one will molest or be given power to take away their covenanted lands and “ they shall dwell safely forever. ”  ( 2 Nephi 1:9 )

Breaching of the Covenant, Judgments of God and Subsequent Re-Invoking of the Covenant

Each time that the singular requirement – obeying the commandments – is ignored by the people under the covenant, the Lord allows judgments to come upon them (see listing of judgments, Deut. 28:15-68 ).   These covenant blessings are generally revoked sequentially in reverse order of how they were given in a merciful effort by the Lord to turn His children’s hearts and minds back to Him; to cause the covenant people to repent and ask for His protection and guidance. Their blessings are revoked in reverse order.

  1. Security is breached; helping them realize their lack of security without God’s protection.
  2. Prosperity removed; humbling them into the realization that prosperity is a blessing from God, not man.
  3. Posterity is taken away, usually through internal conflict and war; helping them realize God’s blessing of having children.
  4. Swept from the sacred land; God’s final consequence for disobedience – for God will not suffer unrighteous people to occupy His Promised Lands.

Each time the covenant is ignored and the judgments of God fall upon the people, in order for the covenant to be reinstated, the people and their leaders must humble themselves, repent, vow to obey the commandments of God, and re-invoke the covenant.  Such has been the case with prophets throughout Old Testament history as well as those who were directed to the American promised land.  The Book of Mormon provides multiple examples of such re-invocations such as Limhi ( Mosiah 21:32 ) Lachoneus ( 3 Nephi 3:12-25 ) and Captain Moroni ( Alma 46:10-13 ).

Only Two Promised Covenant Lands

There are only two “ Promised Lands ” mentioned by Christ in the Book of Mormon; Jerusalem of the Old World ( 3 Nephi 20:29 ) and New Jerusalem of the New World ( 3 Nephi 20:22 ).  Both of these covenant lands of promise were given by the Lord to the house of Israel for their latter day gathering place. The New World Promised Land would be the location of the gathering place for the House of Israel in the America’s.  Where is this gathering place?  It will be at the New Jerusalem.  And where is the New Jerusalem going to be located?  We know through revelation that the New Jerusalem will be built in Jackson County Missouri, in the Heartland of North America ( D&C 84:1-4 ).  Did the Book of Mormon history take place on the same land as the New Jerusalem?  Multiple passages establish that Lehi’s family was lead to and remained on this Promised Land throughout their entire history ( 1 Nephi 13:30 , 22:7 , 2 Nephi 1:5 , 3 Nephi 20:22 , 21:2-4 , 21:22-23 , Ether 13:2-6 ).  Therefore the land the Nephites, Jaredites, Mulekites and Lamanites lived upon was their “covenanted” land of promise and must – by covenant – include the Heartland of North America because it is the revealed location of the New Jerusalem by the Lord Himself.

Promised Land Limitations

The Book of Mormon text limits the Nephite “Promised Land” to a latter-day “nation” ( 1 Ne. 13:30 ) that would be “set up,” ( 3 Ne. 21:4 ) “lifted up,” ( 1 Ne. 13:30 ) “raise[d] up,” ( 1 Ne. 22:7 ) “established,” and “delivered by the power of God out of the hands of all other nations” ( 1 Ne. 13:19 ) in the latter days.  Eight times the text refers to this particular nation as being a “land of liberty ” ( 2 Ne. 1:7 , 10:11 , Mosiah 29:32 , Alma 46:10, 16, 17 , 3 Ne. 21:4 , Ether 2:12 ), which would become a “mighty Gentile nation” ( 1 Ne. 22:7 ) “above all other nations” ( 3 Ne. 20:27 ).  Being a “nation” is the scriptural limiting factor. It is not referencing an entire hemisphere or a particular nationality of people, but a new nation that would be among other nations. That it is speaking of this nation as a political entity is also clear because it states that this nation will be raised up within the population known as the Gentiles on the face of this land ( 1 Ne. 22:7 ) and it will have “no kings upon the land” and the Lord “will fortify this land against all other nations” ( 2 Ne. 10:10-12 ) such that it would be “delivered by the power of God out of the hands of all other nations” in order to establish a “land of liberty ” upon the land.

Gathering of Israel To Their Covenant and Promised Lands

Since these are the latter-days, as indicated by the official name of the Church, is there any evidence of this gathering of the House of Israel to these two covenant and promised lands, now latter-day nations? Could the nations where the prophesied gatherings are taking place provide additional clues regarding these two Promised Lands and their associated nations? According to research on religion and global migration, conducted by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life and released March 2012, Jews have the highest rate of migration of any religion.  To what nations do they tend to migrate?  An article by The Salt Lake Tribune religion specialist, Lauren Markoe quotes Jonathan Sarna, a professor of American Jewish history at Brandeis University as saying “ the vast majority of world Jewry lives in one of two countries.  Of the 13.3 million Jews worldwide, 43 percent live in Israel and 39 percent live in the United States. ”  Fully 82% of all Jews worldwide have already gathered (as of 2012) to these two covenant lands of promise. This is significant considering the many prophecies of the gathering of the house of Israel to their two respective Promised Lands in the latter days and it is also clear that the United States of America again fulfills the Book of Mormon prophecies ( 2 Nephi 1:5 , 1 Ne. 13:30 , 3 Ne. 21:4 ) better than any other nation in the Americas.

America’s Founding Fathers, George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln Invoke the Covenant

These prophecies are clearly making reference to the establishment of the United States of America on what was then the Nephite land of promise.  This is the only nation wherein the Lord raised up men “for the very purpose” of its establishment ( D&C 101:80 ) so that the gospel could be restored again to the earth as so many ancient ( 3 Ne. 21:22 ) and latter-day prophets have prophesied and testified ( D&C 10:53 ).  Amazingly many of the Founding Fathers of the united States believed that they were establishing a new Israel as attested by the seals proposed by Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson for the new nation.  Both proposed seals depict the Children of Israel being led by a pillar of fire into a Promised Land.  They believed that they were also of the covenant people of the Lord, and thus the American Covenant, as it is now being called, was invoked by the Founding Fathers in their inspired masterpiece, the United States Constitution. Embedded within the Preamble to the Constitution are all four of the blessings promised by God for a covenant people on their Promised Lands. They boldly proclaim the Promised Land Covenant with its associated blessings.

  1. The Promised Land and its people under covenant – “ We the People of the United States…for the United States of America “,
  2. Posterity – “ to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity “,
  3. Prosperity – “ establish justice…and promote the general welfare “, and
  4. Security – “ provide for the common defense…insure domestic tranquility “, and this they did by ordination as their sacred covenant with God.

This was also demonstrated by the nation’s first president as his first official act. George Washington’s inaugural address was the invocation of the covenant on the land and people of America.  That he believed that this nation was a new Promised Land of Israel is historically verified through his turning to Genesis 49:22 in the Old Testament and placing his left hand upon that very verse as he lifted his right arm to the square to take his oath of office as the nations first president.  The verse is from the blessing by Jacob (Israel) to his son Joseph wherein he prophesies that “ Joseph is a fruitful bough,even a fruitful bough by a well, whose branches run over the wall ” indicating that the descendants of Joseph (Ephraim & Manasseh) would leave the original Promised Land to establish a new Promised Land “ over the wall ” or ocean.  They believed it to be America.  (for more information read the book, The American Covenant by Timothy Ballard , available in the Bookstore ).

Following the security, prosperity and posterity breaches caused by the sin of slavery and the ensuing Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln again invoked the American Covenant in his second inaugural speech which was given shortly after the end of the war.  Incredibly, President Lincoln may have gained profound insights into the covenant during the time that he was undergoing his “process of crystallization” as it has been called, wherein he went to the Library of Congress and checked out a book filled with information about the covenant…the book he signed out and then returned several months later when he announced the Emancipation Proclamation…was none other than the Book of Mormon.  (read Timothy Ballards book, The American Covenant Vol. 2 for more information, available in the Bookstore ).

Joseph Smith Receives The Promised Land Covenant Through Revelation

The Lord revealed to Joseph Smith that the New Jerusalem will be built in Missouri, USA, on the same promised lands of previous peoples ( 3 Ne. 20:22 , Ether 13:2-6 , D&C 57:1-3 ).  He then invokes a covenant with Joseph Smith, revealing to the Prophet that, like all peoples before him on this same sacred ground, he is to be a recipient heir of this “land of promise” for an inheritance for his posterity forever…even in eternity.  Again the Lord sets forth this same sacred ground as His promised land to His covenant people.

18. And I hold forth and deign to give unto you greater riches, even a land of promise, a land flowing with milk and honey, upon which there shall be no curse when the Lord cometh;

19. And I will give it unto you for the land of your inheritance, if you seek it with all your hearts.

20. And this shall be my covenant with you, ye shall have it for the land of your inheritance, and for the inheritance of your children forever, while the earth shall stand, and ye shall possess it again in eternity, no more to pass away.” D&C 38:18-20

These lands are the same sacred sites of history and prophecy, from the Garden of Eden and the first land of promise (Cainan) to the Jaredite and Nephite covenant lands and the latter day restoration of the gospel, as well as the future locations of the New Jerusalem and the priesthood gathering at Adam-ondi-Ahman.  They are all New World sacred sites, and all of them are located within what is now the nation called the United States of America.

The discussion above, because it is entirely scriptural prophecy based, is undeniable.  This very robust scripture chain does not promote any one geography theory, but scripturally indicates that the original promised land of Father Adam’s great grandson Cainan, as well as the later Jaredite nation, the Nephites and the inspired Founding Fathers are all histories that occurred on the same land where the future New Jerusalem will be built, which has been absolutely established through revelation to be in what is now known as the “Heartland” of North America.  Therefore the Book of Mormon lands had to have been located here.

Would Christ’s statement make any sense when he said that “this people (the Gentiles) will I establish on this land (the land of the Nephites) and it (this land) will be a New Jerusalem ( 3 Nephi 20:22 ), if those lands were located in Japan, Russia or Central or South America?  No, simply because it has been revealed that the New Jerusalem will be built in North America and will never be on those lands, therefore those lands cannot have been the primary lands of the Book of Mormon. There has never been any scriptural indication that the Promised Lands included all of the Western Hemisphere.  The same is true of the Old World Promised Land of Canaan or the Levant Region.  They were specific lands in the midst of much broader lands or continents.  The land Promised to Abraham did not extent throughout the entire hemisphere.  It had limits. Why would the American Promised Land be different?

A Prophetic Warning To A Specific Latter Day Nation – The United States of America

While an understanding of the physical location where the Book of Mormon history actually took place may not be essential for individual salvation, it was certainly considered of sufficient importance to the ancient prophets to warrant significant space on the plates in forewarning a specific nation that would one day occupy those same lands. Knowledge of the location of the Promised Land with its associated covenants may very well be essential to the “salvation” or continuation of that nation.

In order to make it perfectly clear so that no one could misunderstand which latter day nation they were warning, the ancient Book of Mormon writers offered 36 prophetic descriptions of that nation, prophesying it to be a “ mighty Gentile nation above all other nations ” and eight times referencing it as the “ land of liberty. ” They gave indication of the covenant by prophesying it would be a land of “ prosperity and security. ” They also claimed it to be where the gospel would be restored (the marvelous work and a wonder would occur, 2 Nephi 25:17 , 27:26 ) and the New Jerusalem built ( D&C 84:1-4 ), both of which are known respectively through historical fact and prophetic revelation. These facts remove the actual geography of the Book of Mormon from the realm of speculation, conjecture and theory to a firm foundation of fact and truth, upon which a better understanding of the Book of Mormon lands can be built.

Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles published in the December 2012 issue of the Ensign magazine an article in which he states that,

“The United States is the Promised Land foretold in the Book of Mormon–”

Continuing, he wrote, “ …a place where divine guidance directed inspired men to create the conditions necessary for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was the birth of the United States of America that ushered out the Great Apostasy, when the earth was darkened by the absence of prophets and revealed light. It was no coincidence that the lovely morning of the First Vision occurred just decades after the establishment of the United States.

Thus modern Church leadership is completely consistent with and supportive of the scriptures and Joseph Smith’s statements.

The following table provides a comprehensive listing of the 36 prophecies and promises included within the text of the Book of Mormon as pertaining to its Promised Land.  Any latter day nation proposed as being the lands of the Book of Mormon must, of prophetic necessity, be able to fulfill each and every prophecy.  As the list is read, ask which latter day nation(s) has fulfilled or has the highest potential to fulfill that prophecy.


# of uses in the text

Prophecy and/or Promise

Book of Mormon
Scriptural References



Land of Promise 1 Ne. 2:20; 4:14; 5:5, 22; 7:1, 13; 10:13;  12:1;  13:12, 14;  14:2; 17:13;  18:8, 22, 23, 25; 2 Ne. 1:3, 5, 12, 24; Jacob 2:12; Mosiah 1:7; Alma 37:44, 45; Hel. 7:7; Ether 2:7, 8, 9; 6:8, 12, 16; 7:27.



Land obtained and consecrated for an inheritance 1 Ne. 13:30; 2 Ne. 1:3, 5; 3:2; 4:11; 10:10, 19; Jacob 2:12; Enos 10; Mosiah 28:2: 3 Ne. 15:13; 16:16; 20:14, 22; 21:22; Ether 1:38; 2:15; 13:7, 8, 21.



Land choice and precious above all other lands 1 Ne. 2:20; 13:30; 2 Ne. 1:5; 3:2; 10:19: Alma 46:17; Ether 1:42; 2:7, 10, 12, 15; 9:20; 13:2.



Land will be cursed because of wickedness 2 Ne. 1:7, 12; Jacob 2:29 ; 3:3; Enos 10; Jarom 9; Mosiah 29:27; Alma 37:25, 28; 45:16; Hel. 13:17; Ether 14:1.



Land is consecrated and Holy to those led by the Lord 2 Ne . 1:5, 7; Ether 2:7, 8, 9, 10; 9:20; 13:2.



Land of prosperity and security 1 Ne. 13:15; 2 Ne. 1:31, 32: Jarom 9: Mosiah 1:7; Alma 9:13; 48:15.



Land shall be a Land of Liberty 2 Ne. 1:7; Mosiah 29:32; Alma 46:10, 16, 17; 3 Ne. 21:4 ; see also D&C 10:49-53 ; Ether 2:12:



The New Jerusalem is built upon this land 3 Ne. 21:33; Ether 13:3, 4, 6, 8 .



Land where all shall worship God or be destroyed 2 Ne. 10:19; Ether 2:8, 9, 10.



Land prepared for those led  to it by the hand of the Lord 1 Ne. 13:13; 17:13, 55.



Land never to be brought into captivity 2 Ne. 1:7; Ether 2:12.



Land fortified against all other nations 1 Ne. 13:18; 2 Ne. 1:9; 10:12.



Land only for those brought by the Lord 2 Ne. 1:6



Land kept from the knowledge of other nations 2 Ne. 1:8.



Land where none shall molest or remove their inheritance 2 Ne. 1:9.



Land not to be governed by Kings or Kings of Gentiles 2 Ne. 10:11, 14.



Seed of Lehi to be visited by Christ on this land 1 Ne. 13:35.



The Record to be kept about those having possessed the Land 1 Ne. 19:3; Mosiah 28:15.



Gentiles to scatter and afflict remnant 1 Ne. 13:14, 30, 34; 22:7; 2 Ne. 10:18; 3 Ne. 16:4, 8; 20:15, 27, 28; 21:2 : Mormon 5:15, 20.



Gentiles to bring forth a Marvelous Work (the Book of Mormon) 1 Ne. 13;35, 40; 22:8; 3 Ne. 16:4; 21:2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 11.



Gentiles shown mercy by the Lord and receive the Gospel 1 Ne. 13:33, 34; 14:1; 3 Ne. 16:7, 8; 20:15, 27; Mormon 5:15.



Gentiles to bring the Gospel to the remnant 1 Ne. 22:8; 3 Ne. 16:4; 21:3, 4, 5, 6; Mormon 5:15.



Gentiles to obtain this land of promise for an inheritance 1 Ne. 13:15; Mosiah 12:8; 3 Ne. 16:8 ; 21:4; Mormon 5:19;  see also D&C 38:18-20 .



Gentiles to be blessed and prosper on this land 1 Ne. 13:15, 20; 14:2; 2 Ne. 10:10, 18.



Gentiles to become a mighty nation upon the land 1 Ne. 13:30; 22:7; 3 Ne. 20:27.



Gentiles not to remain in blindness 1 Ne. 13:32, 34; 14:1.



Gentiles come out of captivity to this land 1 Ne. 13:13, 30.



Gentiles upon this land are protected by God 1 Ne. 13:19, 30.



This land to be a land of liberty to the Gentiles 2 Ne. 10:11; 3 Ne. 21:4.



Gentiles to become multitudes upon the land 1 Ne . 13:14.



Gentiles not to destroy the remnant 1 Ne . 13:31; 2 Ne. 10:18.



The Lord’s Servant to be among the Gentiles 3 Ne. 21:10, 11.



Gentiles to have other books of truth 1 Ne . 13:39, 40.



Gentiles to bring Bible to the remnant 1 Ne . 13:38.



Church to be established among Gentiles of this land 3 Ne . 21:22; see also D&C 10:53 .



Mother Gentiles to battle against Gentiles who came out of captivity 1 Ne. 13:17.

It is critical to understand the precise nation the ancient prophets were desperately trying to warn so that those people would know of assurity which nation’s future had been seen in vision in order to take corrective action to avoid or at least prepare for the impending destruction.  It is certain that the ancient prophets who saw our day in vision would have known that should the United States of America fail as a nation it would directly impact the latter-day Churches divine mandate and mission to proclaim and spread the gospel throughout the world.

Blessing All of God’s Children With The Gospel Through Missionary Work

Since the restoration of the gospel, one nation has consistently provided and sent more missionaries than any other nation, and that nation is the United States.  Today the Church has the largest missionary force the world has ever known scattered throughout the world, yet 80% of all missionaries worldwide come from the United States, and of the 20% serving missions from other nations nearly half receive financial assistance from Church members in the U.S.

Is it any wonder, then, why the ancient prophets spent valuable time, effort and space on the gold plates warning this specific nation not to allow the secret combinations that destroyed their civilization to get above it?  It should be absolutely clear, based solely on the source of the missionary effort stemming from one latter day nation, that the United States of America is that blessed, prosperous and covenant nation on the American Promised Land.  To this same land the Lord’s covenant Book of Mormon people were directed and upon this same land their ancient civilizations flourished so long as they remained righteous.  The lands of the Book of Mormon prophets are today the lands now occupied by that covenant nation that God established by “ wise men whom I raised up unto this very purpose ” ( D&C 101:80 ) in order to “ bless the nations of the earth. ”  That latter-day nation, according to the 36 prophecies and promises contained in the Book of Mormon, is none other than the United States of America…God’s covenant and Promised Land of liberty.

The ancient prophets knew that should this nation, the United States of America, fall into unrighteousness, God’s judgments and subsequent removal of His covenant blessings of security, prosperity, and posterity would result in its collapse, which would have a direct and devastating impact on the latter-day Church’s ability to carry out its mission of spreading the gospel.  Missionary families in a collapsing economy would likely find it impossible to support their sons and daughters, making it necessary to return them home.  Such an event would undoubtedly render the Church’s missionary effort to be unable to continue to bless the other nations of the earth.

Accordingly, this nation’s covenant and founding principles must be vigorously upheld through righteous leaders in order for it to carry on its sacred responsibility to “ bless the nations of the earth ” with the gospel.  That is why it is absolutely critical that righteous, God-loving and covenant keeping leaders be chosen to lead and guide it. And that is why it is critical to understand “where” the covenant and promised lands of the Book of Mormon were located.  That nation today is the United States of America.  The warnings are clear…and eminent.  Therefore, based on these prophecies, it should also be absolutely clear where the lands of the Book of Mormon were actually located. It was established before the foundations of the world, it was the original Promised Land of Cainan in scripture, it became the lands that the Jaredites were lead to, and then the Nephites and then the Founding Fathers.  Upon this sacred land the gospel was restored and the future New Jerusalem will be built. The pattern is absolutely clear, scripturally and prophetically consistent and profoundly important for every single Latter-day Saint