Whatever Happened to the Golden Plates? By Jonathan Neville


This is the book that explains the “two-sets-of-plates” scenario that everyone is talking about. It is an awesome book for LDS audiences who are familiar with Church history and want to learn more. The book explains that Joseph translated two sets of plates, that Mormon’s repository was in New York, and that the plates are still not far from Cumorah.

The traditional version of Church history is that Moroni buried the golden plates in the Hill Cumorah in a stone-and-cement box he built in the hillside. 1400 years later, Moroni directed Joseph Smith to the stone box. In 1827, Joseph obtained the plates and translated them into what is now known as the Hill Cumorah.

The traditional story is correct regarding the “original” Book of Mormon, as Joseph described it. But the “original” Book of Mormon did not include the small plates of Nephi. Today, this is known as 1 Nephi through Words of Mormon.

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