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Visualizing Book of Mormon Chronology PROMO – Rod Meldrum 5.5 Min from Color My Media on Vimeo .

Visualizing the Book of Mormon Chronology

You’ll have, for the first time ever, an eagle’s eye view of the Mississippian ceremonial complexes of Georgia, the enigmatic Serpent Mound in Ohio, visually stunning photographs and video of sacred temples and Church History sites as you discover the hidden beauty of this sacred Promised Land of America – the stunningly beautiful lands of the Book of Mormon!

Heartland Hinterland Hypothesis

Join Book of Mormon scholar and best-selling author Rod Meldrum as he lays out a deeper understanding of not only where the Book of Mormon took place, but how the Mesoamerican peoples fit into what happened on in North America between the end of the Nephite civilization and the arrival of the European colonists.  The story is absolutely fascinating!

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  1. Jonathan’s been smoking some good stuff to think that the whole BOM took place in the central U.S. There is NO evidence of a large battle in/around Cumorah in NY. No skeletal remains……nothing.

    • Maybe you will open your mind and study and possibly realize there are hundreds of quotes just like below that validate there is ONLY ONE CUMORAH.

      “We visited the Hill Cumorah and were accorded the courtesy of going thereon by the wife of Mr. George Sampson, a brother of Admiral Wm. Sampson, who before his death owned the property. When we went up there and looked around, we felt that we were standing on holy ground. The brethren located, as near as they thought was possible, the place from which the plates of the Book of Mormon were taken by the Prophet. We were delighted to be there. Looking over the surrounding country we remembered that two great races of people had wound up their existence in the vicinity, had fought their last fight, and that hundreds of thousands had been slain within sight of that hill. Evidence of the great battles that have been fought there in days gone by are manifest in the numerous spear and arrow-heads that have been found by farmers while plowing in that neighborhood. We were fortunate enough to obtain a few of the arrowheads.” (George Albert Smith, Conference Report, April 1906, Third Day—Morning Session p. 56)

      “Aug. 11, Wed: President McCune and I went early to the Grove. Later we were conveyed by auto to the Hill Cumorah by Brother Bean. We climbed the hill and traversed it back and fore and examined it with interest and care. It is the largest of the many glacial drumlins of the locality, and is the most prominent of all the elevations in the neighborhood. Aside from the fact that the plates of the Book of Mormon were taken from this hill, I was greatly interested in looking from its summit over the surrounding region and in contemplating the tremendous battle-scenes of the past, whereby first the Jaredites and later the Nephites were exterminated as nations. I believe the Book of Mormon account without reservation or modification. I believe, also, and express it as my personal conviction, that many ancient records, possibly those from which Mormon made his abridgment, are still concealed in that hill. I believe also that they will be brought forth in the Lord’s due time, and that until that time no man will succeed in finding them.” (James E. Talmage Journal Entries, 1920, pg 132-133; Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, BYU: MSS 229, Box 6, Folder 1, Journal 23.)

  2. Wayne May has given the world an amazing view on TRUE Book of Mormon geography. My undergraduate studies included looking at the Invasion of America. When European Nations came to the United States the land was already populated by many Laminate peoples. When the Book of Mormon translation was completed the Prophet Joseph, inspired of the Lord, sent out the very first missionaries Algonquin speaking Native American Indians. The village of Harmony area where the Prophet lived had been the very centre of the Five nations known as the Iroquois Confederacy. The Susquehannock river links both Joseph and the Iroquois era. The Iroq. The language spoken by them was common to that spoken by their ancestors the Lamanites. Montrose Iowa is on the other side of the Mississippi from Nauvoo. In the Doctrine and Covenants section 125 v 3 Joseph was commanded to build a city in that location and call it Zarahemlah. Wayne’ work is true.Please study it carefully

    • I absolutely agree. I love Wayne, Rod, and Jonathan, and all those who share the North American setting with us. My testimony grows daily from their research.

  3. Iroquois speak a language related to reformed Egyptian? Keep dreaming. Additionally, zero native Americans are related to Old World people. That’s a fact. There has never been one single piece of evidence to back up anything in the BoM.

    • You can just tear down or listen, and search for truth. A civil discourse works far better.

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