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We know that the first and foremost importance of the Book of Mormon lies in its witness of the divinity of the redeemer of the world, Jesus Christ.  As a second witness to the Holy Bible it stands as the foundation upon which His gospel has again been restored to the earth through his servant and prophet, Joseph Smith.  We testify that the Book of Mormon is a sacred historical record of real people and events that occurred somewhere in the Americas.

Our research has led us to examine possible evidences of the Book of Mormon’s history in the lands of North America.  We feel that there is compelling evidence to support this supposition through a multifaceted approach utilizing the scriptural prophecies and promises first and foremost, combined with evidences from such areas as Book of Mormon geography passages, modern day archaeology, anthropology, linguistics,  climatology, cultural and social patterns, oceanic currents, artifacts, metallurgy, building practices and materials, technological understandings, DNA findings, Native American oral histories and legends, migrations and human population movements, and any and all other areas of evidence that could have bearing on showing the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.

While it is understood that a testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon can come only and without exception from a spiritual witness, we feel that because we know the record is true spiritually, that there will be evidences that will support its claims… if we are looking for those evidences in the right place.  What chance is there of finding evidence for anything if one is looking in the wrong location?  This is one reason why we feel that a study of the ‘where’ of the Book of Mormon is important.

The video gallery has been created to allow anyone to see for themselves, in the comfort of their own homes, and convenient to their individual schedules, this research which has been called a ‘ swelling movement within the Church ’ by the University of Chicago Divinity School’s Martin Marty Center article in their Sightings journal.  We hope that you will view this information with an open mind.  Sit back and enjoy listening and learning about the evidence of the Book of Mormon as they are unfolded in what we believe to be the Promised Land of America, where the gospel was restored, and where the New Jerusalem will be built.  Enjoy the journey!

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Below are short explanations of each video in the gallery, to help you determine which clips to watch. You may watch in any order so that you can learn about this research properly, line upon line, and precept upon precept, beginning from a foundation of the scriptures and Joseph Smith.

If however you would like to watch these videos in our suggested order you can do so by viewing each video in order of the numbers below. The Yellow Number in parenthesis is the number of the video in the chart at the top.

1. (25) Book of Mormon Evidences 5 disk DVD series trailer; Are the evidences of the Book of Mormon in North America?  This trailer provides an overview of the most comprehensive educational material ever assembled on the Book of Mormon geography research in North America.

2. (36) Emeritus General Authority, Elder Hartman Rector Jr. introduces this research. Why is this research important?

3. (34) Kieth Merrill , writer/director of the Church films Legacy and The Testaments shares his thoughts about this research in an intimate interview at Zermatt Resort .

4. (1) Prophecies and Promises ; The first disk of the 5 DVD series titled Book of Mormon Evidence is a study of the 36 Prophecies and Promises in the text of the Book of Mormon that may reveal the location of its lands.  How has Book of Mormon geography research been conducted in the past and how well is it working?  Could we learn more about where the history occurred through a study of its prophecies, than by speculating about narrow necks of land?  What are the prophecies and promises about this land? Why was this sacred record preserved?  This is the first of seven video clips that will take you through the ENTIRE first DVD disk.

5. (2) Prophecies and Promises ; segment 2 of disk 1 of the 5 DVD series.  Continues the discussion about the purposes of the Book of Mormon and paradigm changes.  What role does the law of witnesses play in Book of Mormon geography?    Is a new method needed?  What would that method be?  Learn of the newly proposed method for conducting Book of Mormon geography research.  What is the importance of demonstratives in the text?

6. (3) Prophecies and Promises ; segment 3 of disk 1 of the 5 DVD series.  Discusses the question, “how many ‘Promised Lands’ are there?”  You will learn about the scriptural basis or foundation upon which this entire research is built, which we like to call ‘scriptural chainmaille’ which builds concept upon concept.  Where is the revealed location of the New Jerusalem?  Can we identifying the Promised Land?

7. (4) Prophecies and Promises ; segment 4 of disk 1 of the 5 DVD series.  Continues with the scriptural chainmail.  What is a ‘choice land’ and why did the ancient prophets refer to it eight times in the Book of Mormon as  “the land of liberty.”  What ‘nation’ is the nation above all other nations?  Who are the Gentiles prophesied of in the Book of Mormon?  Did Joseph Smith fulfill Book of Mormon prophecy?

8. (5) Prophecies and Promises ; segment 5 of disk 1 of the 5 DVD series.  What can we learn from other prophecies in the Book of Mormon such as no kings on the land, “mother Gentiles” battling them on land and water?  What law did the Lord reveal is “justifiable” before Him?  Who will “scatter” the remnant of the Lamanites?

9. (6) Prophecies and Promises ; segment 6 of disk 1 of the 5 DVD series.  Additional prophesies are discussed.  What are the promises of the “land of liberty” if they “keep Him commandments?”  What are the 18 prophecies regarding ‘this land?’ What are the 18 prophecies regarding the Gentiles upon this land?  Did Christ Himself prophesy that the New Jerusalem would be built on Book of Mormon land?  Did Christ Himself prophesy that the Gentiles on ‘this land’ would establish his restored gospel?

10. (7) Prophecies and Promises ; segment 7 of disk 1 of the 5 DVD series.  Further discussion of the 36 Prophecies and Promises.  What latter-day nation qualifies in every one of the 36 prophecies to be the Book of Mormon’s ‘Promised Land?’

11. (9) Joseph Knew ; segment 1 of disk 2 of the 5 DVD series.  Introduction by Joseph Smith epoch historian Kay Godfrey .  Why is a ‘hierarchy of evidence’ important?  Are prophets allowed personal opinions?  What did Joseph Smith know?  Discussion on the Wentworth letter, American Revivalist account and Lucy Mack Smith’s diary entry about Joseph’s knowledge.

12. (10) Joseph Knew ; segment 2 of disk 2 of the 5 DVD series.  What significant events transpired on Zion’s camp?  What are the Zelph accounts?  On location interview with Charles Allen.  Did Joseph Smith identify the Mound builders as the Nephites in a handwritten letter to Emma?  Where is the real Hill Cumorah?

13. (11) Joseph Knew ; segment 3 of disk 2 of the 5 DVD series.  How many Hill Cumorah’s are there in the Book of Mormon?  Where did Joseph Smith send missionaries ‘unto the Lamanites?’  What are the origins of the Mesoamerican theories?  Would Nephites have built monumental structures?

14. (12) Joseph Knew ; segment 4 of disk 2 of the 5 DVD series.  What are the origins of Mesoamerican theories?  The Times and Seasons articles.  Joseph Smith in hiding at the time of these accounts.

15. (13) Joseph Knew ; segment 5 of disk 2 of the 5 DVD series.  Did Joseph Smith claim that another book was the most comprehensive on Book of Mormon lands, rather than the Book of Mormon?  Did Joseph Smith abandon his early revelations on geography to embrace Central America as the lands of the Book of Mormon?

16. (48) The History Channels new documentary video, Who Really Discovered America? This video, unfortunately dismisses the Book of Mormon and the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints because of the incorrect  assumptions made by Mesoamerican theorists regarding Lehi’s journey, in their attempts to create a landing for Lehi on the west coast of Mesoamerica.  Such a route requires sailing against nearly every ocean current between the hemispheres and, according to satellite drifter research, would require a whopping 580 day journey across the Indian Ocean, then across of the largest ocean on earth – the Pacific – at its widest point!  Dr. James Delgado, nautical archaeologist for the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, states that while ships could make such a journey, they would of necessity arrive with ‘dead people’ because of the improbability of storing sufficient water and food for such an extended journey across two of the world’s largest oceans.  Wait until you see the extraordinary new evidence now having been demonstrated as the most likely route for Lehi’s journey…around Africa and across the Atlantic just as proposed by Rod Meldrum in his first DVD released in 2007!  The next seven video’s introduce the incredibly important Phoenicia ship Expedition!

17. (41) The Phoenicia Ship Expedition ;  Four years ago in Rod Meldrum’s original DVD, DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography , ocean currents were discussed with a proposed route from the Saudi Arabian peninsula around Africa to North America.  This has now been shown definitively to be not only possible, but the only route that has now been verified by actual experiment. This video clip is a news report from BBC South Today .  The Phoenicia Ship Expedition is one of the most profound evidences of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon to be completed in this century.  It is the culmination of years of research, planning, building, and executing a journey from Saudi Arabia around Africa to the Mediterranean in a replica 600 B.C. era wooden ship.  Unexpectedly, the route took them within miles of North America!  This expedition provides the positively verified evidence that Lehi’s Journey to North America was possible using the technology available at his time.

18. (42) The Phoenicia Ship Expedition ;  video 2. The Phoenicia Ship Expedition project was planned by Philip Beale beginning in 2005.  This video shows the construction and launch of the 600 B.C. replica “Phoenicia” Wooden Ship.  The Phoenician’s were essentially the ancient Palestinian peoples from the Levant area of Israel or the Holy Land.  They were some of the greatest seafaring peoples of antiquity and were known to have made regular shipping voyages around Africa, beginning nearly the same time as Lehi left Jerusalem.

19. (43) The Phoenicia Ship Expedition ;  video 3. This video shows the final construction and preparation of the ship for the long voyage ahead.  This includes the first actual sailing video of an ancient Phoenician ship!

20. (44) The Phoenicia Ship Expedition ;  video 4. This is part 7 of the AventuracomBR video group.  This is the fourth leg of the journey, from Port Sudan down the Red Sea to Al Hodeidah in Yemen.

21. (45) The Phoenicia Ship Expedition ;  video 5. Requirements of crew members are discussed as well as the overarching purpose for the expedition…to learn what amazing things these ancient cultures were capable of.

22. (46) The Phoenicia Ship Expedition ;  video 6. Ship crew comments and thoughts, including my friend Keith Johnson who participated in the voyage from the Comoros Islands to Mozambique, Africa.  He’s the one who says he has been looking forward for seven days just to see this boat sail.

23. (47) The Phoenicia Ship Expedition ;  video 7. Arabic news channel film of the arrival of the Phoenicia Expedition to Tripoli, Libya.  Large crowds awaited the appearance of the ancient ship to be able to greet the mariners on the last leg of their journey.  Next and final stop… Beirut, Lebanon, the Holy Land region!

24. (85) GLENN BECK’s Fox News episode talking about the highly advanced ancient Hopewell Mound builders and their mathematical and linguistic connection to Egyptians!  Glenn is speaking about the newly released documentary film, the Lost Civilizations of North America.

25. (80) Th e Lost Civ ilizations of North America documentary video trailer #1 .  Why don’t Americans and especially Mormon’s know about the ancient civilization that existed in the Heartland of America during the time frame of the Book of Mormon?  Are there any correlations between Native Americans and Old World populations? This is the most compelling information from non-LDS sources (17 scholars, only three of which are LDS) relating to the authenticity of the Book of Mormon that has ever been produced.  This is a must see DVD for everyone and anyone interested in the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. Get your copy now at our Bookstore .

26. (81) The Lost Civilizations of North America documentary #2; This is the segment played by Glenn Beck on incredible astronomical alignments of the Hopewell Mound builders. How advanced were the ancient Hopewell Mound builders? No Preview available. Get your copy now at our Bookstore.

27. (82) The Lost Civilizations of North America documentary #3 ; Geneticist Deborah A. Bolnick PhD of the University of Texas at Austin successfully sequenced DNA directly from 21 sets of remains of the ancient Hopewell people in the Ohio and Illinois river valley’s which had been archaeologically procured.  Her findings, published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology 137:14-29, 2008, in an article titled Using Ancient mtDNA to Reconstruct the Population History of Northeastern North America , verified haplogroup X in the ancient Hopewell Civilization of North America.  This is astounding new research with profound implications for the claims of the Book of Mormon. You’ll be fascinated by this small segment on DNA from the newly released documentary film The Lost Civilizations of North America which is destined to be a paradigm changer for many people.  Do Native Americans in North America have a DNA lineage that originated in the Holy Land? The Hopewell civilization could very well have been the Nephites of the Book of Mormon.  Haplogroup X has been identified as a Jewish lineage and it arrived in North America long before Columbus according to main stream genetics. The question is how long ago. Get your copy now at our Bookstore .

28. (83) The Lost Civilizations of North America documentary; #4 This is one of the most amazing interviews ever that supports the claims ( seven references) of the Book of Mormon that there will be a “remnant of the house of Israel” left on the Promised Land in the latter days.  What is the origin of haplogroup X? Wait until you see what Dr. Donald Yates of DNA Testing Systems and of Cherokee decent, has to say!

29. (84) The Lost Civilizations of North America documentary; DNA This segment of the documentary discusses links between the Cherokee and Jewish populations.  It asks some profound questions.  Chief Joe Sitting Owl of the Central Band of Cherokee explains Cherokee oral history and tradition that they are from Jewish ancestry.  Light skinned, the Cherokee don’t look like most Native Americans of Asian ancestry.  The Bat Creek stone, archaeologically removed from a Hopewell (Cherokee) burial mound by the Smithsonian, has inscribed in ancient Hebrew the phrase “For Judea” or “For the Judeans.”  Only 3% of Chief Sitting Owls tribe had Jewish DNA, but 94% of those tested in the Central Band showed European DNA that goes back thousands of years.  It is not widely known that haplogroup X is one of the 12 primary Jewish lineages, and is found in the Cherokee.

30. (99) Los Lunas Stone, New Mexico 1 ; The Los Lunas stone is a massive boulder in the desert of New Mexico with ancient Hebrew writing.  It is is a huge flat stone on the side of a mountain in New Mexico. It is what is written on this massive stone that makes it so remarkable.  This very large stone actually has the entire Biblical Ten Commandments inscribed on it in ancient paleo-Hebrew script with a few letters of ancient Greek mixed in. Paleo-Hebrew (which the Phoenicians also used) is a language that nobody in the world speaks anymore.  It is substantially different from the modern Hebrew that the Jewish world uses today. So where in the world did these Ten Commandments written in paleo-Hebrew come from? Back in 1996, Professor James D. Tabor of the University of North Carolina-Charlotte was able to interview Professor Frank Hibben about the Los Lunas Decalogue Stone. Hibben, who passed away in 2002, was a retired University of New Mexico archaeologist. According to Tabor’s account, Hibben was absolutely “convinced that the inscription is ancient and thus authentic. He reports that he first saw the text in 1933. At the time it was covered with lichen and patination and was hardly visible. He was taken to the site by a guide who had seen it as a boy, back in the 1880s.”  The end of this video has a very “Born Again Christian” segment, but the information in the body of the video is well done and worthwhile.

31. (100) The Los Lunas Inscription is an abridged version of the Decalogue or Ten Commandments, carved into the flat face of a large boulder resting on the side of Hidden Mountain, near Los Lunas, New Mexico, about 35 miles south of Albuquerque. The language is Hebrew, and the script is the Old Hebrew alphabet, with a few Greek letters mixed in. See Cline (1982), Deal (1992), Stonebreaker (1982), and/or Underwood (1982) for transcriptions and translation, and Deal (1992) for discussion and photographs of the setting. George Moorehouse (1985), a professional geologist, indicates that the boulder is of the same basalt as the cap of the mesa. He estimates its weight at 80 to 100 tons, and says it has moved about 2/3 of the distance from the mesa top to the valley floor since it broke off. The inscription is tilted about 40 degrees clockwise from horizontal, indicating that the stone has settled or even moved from its position at the time it was inscribed. (The above photograph was taken with a tilted camera.) At present the inscription is badly scrubbed and chalked up. However, Professor Frank Hibben of Albuquerque reportedly saw the inscription in 1933, when it was covered with lichens and patination. By one report, it was seen as early as 1871 (Fell 1985, p. 34). Moorehouse compares the surviving weathering on the inscription to that on a modern graffito on the top of the mountain dating itself to 1930. He concludes that the Decalogue inscription is clearly many times older than this graffito, and that 500 to 2000 years would not be an unreasonable estimate of its age.

32. (33) Joseph Smith epoch historian Kay Godfrey talks about his knowledge of Joseph Smith as it pertains to Book of Mormon geography and the Heartland Model.

33.   (14) This is video taken at the LDSBA ( LDS booksellers Association) convention .  They sponsored a ‘speed dating’ event wherein authors got 5 minutes at each of about 15 lunch tables to talk about their books, then the authors rotated to another table.  It was a fun event.  One of the tables recorded each authors presentation.  This was Rod Meldrum’s presentation.

34. (40) David Lindsley is a renowned LDS artist whose painting of Joseph Smith adorned the Priesthood Manual front cover and whose many other paintings have been chosen for temples, chapels, and Church publications over several years.  Listen to David describe his thoughts about a painting recently completed depicting Christ’s visit to the Nephites…in North America!  This is a ‘must have’ painting of this sacred visit. Learn the story behind the painting! Purchase a print of this amazing artwork now at our Bookstore .

35. (37) Elder Hartman Rector Jr. demonstrates the use of a small medallion he has used as a missionary tool.  It has been worth “about 50 baptisms” according to Elder Rector, when it is utilized properly.  The medallion, with Joseph Smith on one side, and Moroni on the other, was developed with the help of Davidjohn Stosich and is available in our bookstore . How can you utilize such a medallion to bring others unto Christ?  Find out how by watching one who truly knows.

36. (NA) Renowned painter Jon McNaughton envisioned “ One Nation Under God ” long before putting paint to canvas.  This painting has taken the world by storm!  When Rod Meldrum first saw the painting he knew he wanted to help Jon get the word out, so arrangements were made to create a video, filmed by Rod and edited by Bryan Illguth (video editor on Rod’s 5 DVD series) and re-edited by Seth Adam Smith.  The full version has now been viewed 19,400 times on Bryan’s website and the condensed version has been seen 3,241,615 times!  If you are interested in purchasing one Jon’s paintings, we have made arrangements with him to receive a 10% discount on any order by using the promotional code FIRMPROMO when completing your online order from his website.

37. (39) Jon McNaughton has become one of the most sought after artists in the country due to his thought provoking and emotion stirring paintings that have caused a storm of controversy across our great nation.  Jon’s latest work, The Forgotten Man , depicts a regular American citizen who is contemplating the future of our nation as Barack Obama stands upon the Constitution of the United States and every former US President looks on.  If you would like to purchase this painting, we have worked with Jon to offer a 10% discount by using promotion code FIRMPROMO when you check out from Jon’s website.

38. (50) Did Joseph’s views about Book of Mormon geography evolve? This is a question that requires answering because Mesoamerican theorists have claimed that Joseph abandoned his early revelations on geography, such as the Wentworth letter, American Revivalist Account, Zelph Accounts, Nephite altar at Adam-Ondi-Ahman, etc. to embrace the work of John Lloyd Stephens whose book on Central America was conscripted by some early brethren in an attempt to show an advanced civilization as described in the Book of Mormon.  This occurred because Native Americans in North America were at the time looked upon as ‘ignorant savages’ devoid of civilization.  Such notions are now shown to be utterly false.  The North American civilizations were every bit as advanced as any in the world of their time. Continue watching the videos in this gallery for further verification of this fact.  In this video Rod Meldrum speaks of Joseph Smith’s knowledge on location at Carthage Jail, Illinois.

39. (65) Dr. Robert Fuller , owner of the fabulous Zermatt Resort and Spa in Midway, Utah shares his insights on the ancient Hopewell civilization of North America.  Filmed on location at Zermatt.

40. (52) Zarahemla near Nauvoo? Cal Christensen, long time resident of Nauvoo, Illinois and Rod Meldrum discuss the significance of the Des Moines rapids of the Mississippi River.  Could Zarahemla of the Book of Mormon have been across the river as possibly indicated by revelation from the Lord in D&C 125:3?  Why are these rapids significant?  Could they help us to locate the lands of the Book of Mormon?  Learn more by watching this video!

41. (51) The Great Circle Earthworks ; Author and researcher, Rod Meldrum talks about the Great Circle earthworks, one of the few remaining ditch and earthwork complex’s remaining in North America from its more than 200,000 earthworks that originally existed.  The Book of Mormon speaks of Moroni’s defensive strategy to protect the Nephite cities but digging ditches and throwing up heaps of earth with timbers atop forming a picket.  The ancient Hopewell’s ruins match perfectly these descriptions.  Here is direct evidence.  This ditch is actually on the inside of the ceremonial earthwork, but ditches and earthbanks were discovered in the early 1800’s with similar proportions with the ditches on the outside, which was the normal configuration.

42. (49) The Great Octagon earthworks ;  Rod Meldrum explains some of the features of the Great Octagon in Newark Ohio.  Could this have been a part of the temple complex in the Land Bountiful? Why did the ancient Hopewell civilization build such massive ceremonial spaces?

43. (21) Tour and Explore America’s Heartland with Rod Meldrum ; Many have asked Rod Meldrum to travel with them to experience the sights of America’s heartland and to learn of the evidences of the Book of Mormon that exist here.  Rod has now conducted several comprehensive tours of the Heartland of America which combines both Church History and Book of Mormon history as proposed by the Heartland model geography.  Come and learn more about this research than you ever thought possible.  Enjoy the sacred sites of Church history and learn more about known Book of Mormon sites such as the real Hill Cumorah in New York, Zelph’s mound where Joseph received a revelation about the “white Lamanite” who was killed and buried there during the last great struggle between the Lamanites and Nephites as well as the Nephite altar at Adam-Ondi-Ahman as revealed by the prophet Joseph.  You will also see possible locations of Book of Mormon lands, temple mounds and artifacts such as headplates and breastplates.

44. (20) Tour Testimonials, October 2010 ; Several members of our combination tour exploring Church History AND Book of Mormon history in the Heartland of America share their thoughts and feelings about the tour.  This is a unique tour that is gaining in popularity. We only got a few of our tour members on video because it was a rather last minute thought to record their thoughts.  It would have been nice to have recorded all the rest of the group, but it was so large, it would require several youtube segments to fit them all.

45. (32) Dr. James Bradley, Zelph scholar .  James Bradley spent the better part of 30 years studying Zion’s camp.  As the foremost expert on the subject, Dr. Bradley knows all the details about Zelph’s mound and what occurred there that day.  Listen to Dr. Bradley as he unfolds this history! Purchase his book, The Eternal Perspective of Zion’s Camp at our Bookstore .

46. (78) Cahokia, from 500 Nations, the Mound Builders ; The documentary series featuring Kevin Costner speaks of the monumental earthen structures near St. Louis, Missouri.  This massive ruin was as completed around 1100 AD but was originally commences by  the Hopewell Mound Builders who were in the area during Book of Mormon time frames.  These were most likely apostate Lamanites who build these grand structures.  Toward the end of the video is information about this highly advance culture.

47. (78) Highly Advanced Peoples , Introduction from the documentary film series hosted by Kevin Costner called 500 Nations.  This video clip discusses the highly advanced civilizations that existed in North America prior to European contact.  Toward the end of the clip are several oral histories of creation by Native Americans.  Listen to the similarities with Biblical and D&C accounts.

48. (77) Native American Contributions to the Constitution ; The Great Peace Maker, Deganawodah, appeared as a ‘Heavenly Messenger’ in the eastern forests to the Iroquois Confederacy, a league of nations held together by the sacred teachings of this Holy Man.  Benjamin Franklin first learned about these five nations in accounts from the proceedings of the Treaty of Lancaster (PA) in 1744.  When the delegates from Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia fell apart in quarrels among themselves, a great Indian Chief by the name of Canasatego ran out of patience.  He scolded the colonial delegates for their lack of wisdom and ignorance of good procedures.  Ben Franklin then caught an intimation of what made these peoples government work — a religion-based constitution, which he held up in a series of pamphlets as the world’s only available model for a confederation of thirteen contentious colonies.  — Source: God of War, Gods of Peace, Russell Bourne, p91-92, 2002.

49. (94) Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally, complete coverage by CSPAN. This is one of the most powerful and inspiring events ever held in the United States.  If you were not privileged to attend, you should watch the entire program from beginning to end to learn of the how you can help to Restore Honor to America again.

50. (85) Glenn Beck Rally, Rod Meldrum’s video from attending the event.  This is video shot at the Glenn Beck rally. The first scene is of the five of us that came to the event.  The next scene was taken as I was approaching the WWII memorial, which lies at the far end of the reflecting pool from the Lincoln Memorial where the stage was located.  It was incredible that all of these people were briskly walking (because the subways were jammed) to get to the event, but when the National Anthem was played, they all stopped and put their hands over their hearts!  The sheer size of this crowd was incredible.  As you can see from the still shots and video, there were many tens of thousands of people.  No arrests, no problems, just the astounding words of dynamic speakers.  This rally is a game-changer.  Thank you Glenn Beck!

51. (93) Destiny of the United States of America ; The answer to most of America’s problems can be solved by returning to Constitutional principles.  The United States has a destiny to eventually become a glorious example of God’s law under a restored Constitution that will inspire the entire human race.

52. (92) One Way Out: Fulfillment of Prophecy ; This is an incredibly powerful video by David Christensen on the importance of the United States Constitution, Scriptural prophecy, and the only way out of our present situation in this nation.  It is not meant as an endorsement or chastisement of any political party, but a wakeup call to all Americans. Our nation is on the verge of reaping the wrath of God.  The only that that will save her now is a return to gospel principles and a humbling of ourselves before God.  No other solution is possible at this point.

53. (91) Building up Zion, The New Jerusalem ; We should be focused on building up the Kingdom of God on the earth.

54. (89) Book of Mormon prophecies involving the United States of America ; President Ezra Taft Benson speaks of the actual history, written by inspired prophets of God in antiquity that provides the truth about today’s problems. With it we may know truth from error and learn how to effectively combat false educational, political, religious and philosophical concepts of our time. Our nation will continue to degenerate unless we read and heed the words of the God of THIS LAND, JESUS CHRIST and quit building up and upholding the secret combinations which the Book of Mormon tells us proved the downfall of both previous American civilizations. “Unless each person who knows the truth will stand up and speak up, it is difficult for the deceived or confused to find his way back.” – President Ezra Taft Benson.

55. (88) Prophets warn of dangers facing the United States of America; President Gordon B. Hinckley and President Ezra Taft Benson speak plainly of the corruption and unconstitutional usurpation of power of all branches of our government, executive, legislative and judicial.

56. (18) LDS view of the United States Constitution ; Prophetic statements by Latter-day prophets on the importance of upholding and sustaining the United States Constitution.  While the Church does not endorse political candidates, platforms, or parties, members are counseled to study the candidates carefully and vote for those individuals they believe will act with integrity and support those who are truly dedicated to the Constitution in the tradition of our Founding Fathers.

57. (23) The Book of Mormon and Freedom ; President Gordon B. Hinckley speaks of the importance of the Book of Mormon in understanding the perplexities of freedom.  Ezra Taft Benson speaks of why Church leaders oppose socialism, communism and the why all members of the Church must embrace the principles of the Constitution.  What can we do to preserve our Constitution?  Learn how by watching this video.  America is great because America is good.  If America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.

58. (19) Book of Mormon correlations, artifacts ; Ancient American magazine publisher Wayne N. May discusses correlations between Book of Mormon armor and that found among the Hopewell Mound building civilization of North America which existed during Book of Mormon time frames, such as headplates, breastplates, arm shields, and massive gravesites.590.   (95) Linguistic correlations to the Book of Mormon ; Linguistic correlations between the reformed Egyptian characters of the Anthon Transcript of Joseph Smith and the Micmac language of Algonquian Native Americans, who, incidentally, have a DNA lineage that originated from the Middle East, haplogroup X, are discussed by Ancient American publisher, Wayne N. May.

60. (108) Dr. Bradley Leper, Ohio Historical Society Archaeologist ; Dr. Bradley Leper, head archaeologist for the state of Ohio and one of the foremost experts on the ancient Hopewell Mound Builders, speaks of several massive obsidian blades found in Ohio with origins in the Yellowstone, Wyoming region.  These were likely ceremonial in nature.  They were found near Newark, Ohio, sight of the largest earthwork complex in the world.  Archaeologists have speculated that as a result of findings of exquisite artifacts made from exotic materials from all over North America, the Hopewell utilized this area as a gigantic ceremonial center, even hinting at a possible explanation through a massive pilgrimage into this area by the ancient Hopewell people who flourished here between about 300 B.C. and 400 AD.  In the Heartland proposed geography for the Book of Mormon, this region would have been known as the Land Bountiful by the Nephites.  The possible correlations are profound.

61. (107) Hopewell Earthworks explanations by Dr. Bradley Leper; Dr. Bradley Leper and the curator of the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus talk of the different kinds of mounds and ceremonial earthen structures associated with the ancient Hopewell Mound Builder civilization that was incredibly highly advanced…as advanced as any society of their time period!  They built roads, massive earth structures aligned with astronomical objects such as the moon, they used metals and were an agrarian culture.  Their archaeological time frame matches incredibly closely with the Nephite civilization of the Book of Mormon.  If you come with Rod Meldrum on a tour of these areas, you will visit the actual locations that they are pointing out in the video!  Join us on an unforgettable tour of the proposed lands of the Book of Mormon nestled in the heartland of North America!

62. (106) Highly Advanced Indian Cultures in North America ; Dr. Joseph Kitchens discusses the highly advanced civilizations that existed in North America.

63. (105) Hopewell Geometric works similar to Egyptian ;  Incredible geometric earthworks that are massive in size and scale.  Did the ancient Hopewell Mound Builder civilization use the same mathematics and geometry as the ancient Egyptians?  It certainly looks like it.

64. (104) Hopewell Roads documentary, introduction :  This is the introduction to Searching for the Great Hopewell Road by American Public Television.  It gives a brief overview of the highly advanced ancient civilization, called by archaeologists today the Hopewell Mound Builders, that existed in the heartland of North America between about 300 B.C. and abruptly ended near 400 AD.  To purchase the DVD documentary, please visit our bookstore at .

65. (103) Hopewell Archaeoastronomy, Lunar Alignments ; The highly advanced ancient civilization, called the Hopewell Mound Builders, that flourished in the heartland of North America from about 300 B.C. to 400 AD built massive earth structures unparalleled in human history.  What is even more incredible is that they built them in alignment with astronomical objects…such as the moon.  Encoded in these earthworks are eight separate lunar alignments that envelope its entire 18.6 year cycle!  They demonstrated their knowledge of the solar system, geometry and mathematics through the building of these massive earthen structures. This is astounding new information that may support the claims of the Book of Mormon (see Omni:21). To purchase this DVD documentary, visit our bookstore at .

66. (101) Hopewell Earthworks unique in all the world!; Dr. Ray Hively talks of the magnificent earthen structures that are “unique in all the world” and demonstrate the spectacular achievements made by the ancient Hopewell Mound Builder civilization. This is a clip from the documentary film by American Public Television, Searching for the Great Hopewell Road, available from our bookstore at .

67. (24) The Greatness of America; This video speaks powerfully for itself.  It is time to recognize the role of this nation in God’s plan for his children.  President Ronald Reagan, arguably the greatest president in modern history, speaks of his love and understanding of freedom and our embattled country.  Teach our children virtues.  “Let us pledge to restore in our time a spirit that flows like a deep and mighty river through the history of our nation.”

68. (74) Declared “hoax” may be true ; When this massive stone was discovered in 1898, it was immediately dismissed as a fake or a hoax.  Swedish immigrant Olaf Ohman was clearing some land when he discovered the stone, enwrapped in the roots of a tree, and covered with ancient writing.  The writing was recognizable as that of ancient Scandinavians, 8 Swedes and 22 Norwegians and told a story of their returning to camp to find 10 men killed…the date —  1362 AD, 130 years before Columbus!  The stone, now called the Kensington Runestone is displayed in the Runestone Museum in Alexandria, MN. Experts, without even examining the stone, declared it a hoax, summarily dismissing it from further examination. Scott Wolter, a trained geologist began a real examination of the stone after being contacted by the museum in 2000.  Tests on the weathering of the stone demonstrate that the stone could not have been inscribed more recently than 200 years from its being found.   The evidence now suggests that the stone is real and that the ‘experts’ were wrong.  This is the very same type of situation found with the vast majority of stones bearing Hebrew and Semitic scripts found in the heartland of America by farmers and land owners…they were immediately dismissed as forgeries and fakes by the so-called ‘experts’ of the day.  Today, some still cling to these faulty reports, even when artifacts can be demonstrated to have impossible to forge at the time the forgery is assumed to have occurred.

69. (64) Earthquake in the Heartland Introduction ; What may have caused the destruction witnessed by the ancient prophets of the Book of Mormon near the time of Christ’s death in Israel?  Some have speculated it to be volcanic, yet nowhere does the Book of Mormon mention volcanoes, lava, ash, or even clouds associated with the event.  Could the destruction described by ancient prophets in the Book of Mormon near the time of Christ be explained by an event similar to that which occurred in 1811 and 1812 near New Madrid, Missouri which was the largest earthquake series in recorded history in North America? The astounding correlations indicate… yes.  Stretching more than 160 miles, a system of earthquake faults lurks beneath the Mississippi River basin, ready to erupt. And it’s happened before. Over 2,000 earthquakes, three over 8.0 magnitude, rocked the eastern half of the US over 5 months. It caused the Mississippi to flow backwards, covered entire regions under 20 feet of sand, and formed 10 new lakes in just a few hours.  The physical descriptions of the 1811-1812 sequence are incredibly similar to those of the Book of Mormon.

70. (63) The Mother of all Earthquakes in North America ; The largest sequence of earthquakes in North America occurred 200 years ago in its ‘Heartland.’  This is directly beneath the proposed Heartland model geography and may explain the eye-witness accounts made by the ancient prophets of the Book of Mormon.  They wrote of the “exceedingly great quaking of the whole earth” that shook the “whole earth as if it was about to divide asunder.” Buildings were “shaken” until they had “fallen to the earth.” These descriptions in 3 Nephi 8 match remarkably those who experienced firsthand the 1811-1812 earthquakes.

71. (62) 8.0 on Richter scale…Piezoelectric phenomena ; Seismologists have calculated that the 1811-1812 earthquake sequence registered three massive quakes measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale…10 times stronger than the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco, CA.  Large clouds of strange gas escaped out of the bowels of the earth.  Other bizarre phenomena occurred including ‘earthquake lights’ and huge lightning storms, much like the description in 3 Nephi 8:7 stating “And there were exceedingly sharp lightnings, such as never had been known in all the land.”

72. (61) Chasms & Fissures Opened Up In the Land ; Chasms and fissures, some over 10 miles in length, opened up gaping holes that buildings, cattle and people fell into.  One account tells of a man who was riding his horse when a fissure literally opened up beneath them.  The horse fell into the chasm, killing it and the man ended up walking over two miles before finding a spot to be able to get himself back up to the ground surface.  The remains of some of these fissures can still be seen today in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.

73. (60) Sand Blows –  a Unique Phenomena ; During the 1811-1812 earthquake series, the earth belched out immense quantities of sand from unusual gaping fissures in the ground.  These ‘sand blows’ blasted a mixture of sand and water as much as 100 feet into the air and buried some areas under 20 feet of sand in just hours.  The Book of Mormon speaks of “earth being carried up upon the city” and of many cities being “covered with earth” which again matches, startlingly, the effects of the 1811-1812 earthquakes.  It could also account for the Book of Mormon description claiming that “waters have I cause to come up” from the earth.  Neither of these descriptions is a normal effect of volcanic eruptions, which again were never mentioned in the Book of Mormon.

74. (59) Massive Flooding…Face of the Land Changed ; The earthquakes cause massive flooding and so great were the changes that even though they knew  the landscape very well, it had been so dramatically affected by the fissures and heaving of the earth that one could say “the face of the whole earth became deformed” as did the ancient Book of Mormon prophets.  See 3 Nephi 9:4,7.

75. (58) Lakes or ‘Sea’s’ Formed in Hours ; Incredibly, 3,000 square miles of land sank or subsided following the massive shocks, in some places by 10 feet elevation.  Enormous amounts of water poured in from the Mississippi River, forming a lake or ‘sea’ in Hebrew terms, in just a few hours.  This body of water still exists today, and is known as Realfoot Lake.  10 other lakes or sea’s also formed during the 1811-1812 earthquake sequence.  Any villages in such an area would have matched perfectly the description of “sunk in the depths of the sea” by Book of Mormon prophets.

76. (57) Seismic mapping of New Madrid Fault ; The Heartland of North America is not the stable geography one would expect in the middle of a tectonic plate.   This area is underlain by one of the most destructive faults in North America, the New Madrid seismic zone.  Even today earthquakes are recorded very often.  Should a similar event have occurred near the time of Christ, the 1811-1812 could help us to understand the destructive forces that occurred for those living in North America at the time, and could help to verify the possibility of the recording of such an event in the Book of Mormon.  The corroborative descriptions are astonishing.

77. (56) Paleoseismologists Discover Evidence for Earlier Events ; Paleoseismologist Martitia Tuttle has been investigating the New Madrid seismic zone and has made a profound discovery.  It had been previously thought that events such as 1811-1812 happened only once every 10,000 years or longer.  Using ground penetrating radar she finds direct evidence that such events are much more common than previously expected by seismologists. She finds Native American artifacts in the soil in what is known as an occupation horizon which is below the 1811-1812 sand blow horizon at this location.  She estimates that a similar event occurs about every 300-500 years in this area based on her research. The closest event she has found at this site to the time of Christ is estimated at around 300 AD, but could very well have been earlier.

78. (114) We the People, by Jaden Bliss ; Jaden Bliss performed her incredible patriotic music during America’s Freedom Education Week!  Jaden Bliss; “My plea is to all Americans especially the youth of America. Take the Pledge, Educate, Understand, Be Heard, Prepare, Vote.”  A video assembled using pictures taken at her Patriotic benefit concerts over the past 4 years, set to a new song she wrote, “We The People.” Her efforts to help “Re- Found” America, promote love of country, encourage gratitude, respect and remembrance for our Fallen Heroes. Jaden gushes, “ I love this country with all of my heart. No need to apologize. God Bless America.”

79. (115) Remember Me, by Jaden Bliss ; Inspiring music video by Jaden Bliss in remembrance of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  A beautiful tribute to the Gold Star Families who have lost loved ones serving in the United States military.  Simply beautiful, inspiring, thought provoking and patriotic.

80. (55) Sand Blow! One of the worlds only video’s of a sand blow actually occuring.  While this was in Saudi Arabia, tens of thousands of sand blows three times greater than that in the video occurred in the Heartland of North America in 1811-1812 during the largest earthquake sequence in history.  Sand blows in Missouri and Arkansas buried nearly the entire region in up to 35 feet of sand.

81. (NA) Bristol Lore Episode 1 is about a Bristolian who was a civil war veteran who began working for the Smithsonian Institution after the war and discovered an ancient stone, buried in an Indian Mound which had ancient Hebrew Writing from the first Century AD. Is it a hoax or one of the most important discoveries in our country’s history? The correlations to the Book of Mormon are stunning.  From a non-LDS historian.

82. (68) Beit Lehi is a buried city just a few miles southwest of Jerusalem, and is currently under excavation. It received its name from the Bedouin Arabs who reside in the area. There are some interesting possible correlations with this site and the home of Lehi in the Book of Mormon.

83. (75) Forensic Geologist Scott Wolter of American Petrographic Services of St. Paul, MN explains the petrographic analysis of the Bat Creek stone .  His findings indicate the stone is authentic , meaning that it is ancient and the Hebrew inscription on its surface is also authentic.  The artifacts, including bronze or brass bracelets that Dr. Wolter describes as having metallurgical properties nearly identical those of ancient Israelite artifacts were recovered from a mound that has been carbon dated to as old as 32 AD, which is clearly in the middle of Book of Mormon time frames.

84. (113) Friend and fellow Heartlander Alex Boye teams with The Piano Guys for an unforgettable musical and visual experience!  Filmed in Southern Utah atop the red rock cliffs near St. George. Stunning music and videography have propelled this video to multi-million views on youtube and a signed deal for The Piano Guys !

85. (113) Alex Boye began writing this song as he witnessed the 9/11 attack on the United States from his London home.  Leaving it for several years Alex felt it was time to complete the song after being sworn in as a new citizen of the United States of America.  Alex, a fellow Heartland Model advocate, added Native American dancers and the “Liberty” rock as well as the “Harbinger” quote at the end after having a tremendous lunch conversation with Rod Meldrum and others.

86. (113) Incredibly inspirational music video featuring Alex Boye singing with the Utah Valley University LDS Institute Choir.  Filmed partly on the Great Salt Lake flats and other environs of Utah, USA.

87. (112) Fellow Heartlander Nathan Osmond wrote and performed a most inspiring music video in honor of the Prophet Joseph Smith.  This song, “ A Little Boy’s Prayer, ” was performed live at the 10th National Book of Mormon Evidence Conference Oct. 2012.

88. (112) Nathan Osmond wrote and performs a hauntingly beautiful and patriotic music video that honors all our military men and women who put their lives on the line and sacrifice so much protecting the Promised Land.  Nathan performed this #1 Country Music Charts hit song live at our 10th National Book of Mormon Evidence Conference Oct. 2012.

89. (72) Scriptorian and Heartland Scholar Bruce H. Porter speaks on location at the Plymouth plantation about his critically important new book, An Everlasting Decree: Ensuring A Title to Liberty For The Promised Land . Get your copy now at our Bookstore .

90. (73) Dr. Bruce H. Porter presents a compelling scripture-based treatise on the prophecies in the Book of Mormon regarding the Promised Land and Freedom.

91. (73) Dr. Bruce H. Porter presents his second lecture at the Ancient American History Conference, held April 2011.  His presentation, “ A Title of Liberty and Responsibility for Freedom ” reflects his work on the now released book “ An Everlasting Decree: Ensuring A Title To Liberty For The Promised Land .” Get your copy now at our Bookstore .

92. (111) Award-winning vocalist and composer Michele Baer sings her inspiring song “ If I Were Brave ” which she performed at the 10th National Book of Mormon Evidence Conference held Oct. 2012.  Michele has been compared to Karen Carpenter for her vocal talent!

93. (111) Michele Baer is not only one of the premier songwriter singers associated with the Heartland Model geography, but she is also a very inspirational speaker and uplifting youth and patriotic teacher.

94. (69) Introduction to Timothy Ballard ‘s Ground-breaking new research on “ The American Covenant ” which gained the attention of media heavyweight Glenn Beck . Watch the video trailer and then the interview with Glenn.  Tim’s LDS version of “ The Covenant ” is titled “ The American Covenant ” and has two volumes. Get your copy now at our Bookstore .

95. (70) Timothy Ballard is hosted by conservative radio host Glenn Beck to talk about his new book, The Covenant , which provides historical documentation that the founding of this nation was understood by the Founding Fathers to be a restablishment of Israel on the Promised Land and that they knew and understood the sacred Covenant with God upon the land.

96. (97) The Newark Earthwork complex is a series of massive earthen structures formed in circles, octagons and squares.  These massive geometric configurations made up a monumental ceremonial complex unrivaled in antiquity.  The ditch and earthbanks are built as described by the Nephite civilization in the Book of Mormon and these date directly into that time period.  Videographer Ryan Fisher interviews Ancient American publisher Wayne N. May regarding this sacred center of the Hopewell Mound Builders (i.e. Nephites).  Ryan’s use of a sophisticated aerial video technology makes otherwise impossible views of the earthworks come alive.

97. (71) Videographer Ryan Fisher followed Timothy Ballard into the Heartland of America to record the Covenant lands of ancient and historic civilizations throughout history.  Tim’s book, The American Covenant , or his non-LDS version called simply “ The Covenant ” tells of God’s Covenant with this sacred Promised Land. This powerfully done video is a trailer to the book and upcoming movie projects.

98.  (53) Exploring the Book of Mormon in America’s Heartland: A visual Journey of Discovery , watch the 30 sec. ad shown on KSL-TV during General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! Get your copy now at our Bookstore .

99. (27) Destined to become one of the most important films of all time, For Our Day , by the family film making team of James, Hanna, and James IV Stoddard is going to open your eyes like never before of the power of the Book of Mormon in predicting the future of our nation and the earth.  They unlock hundreds of parallels within the Book of Mormon that directly correlate to our day, providing prophetic understanding of our future.  Not only are the Stoddards a film making force to be reconned with, but they are also ground breaking website designers and engineers.  Their websites are world-class and they are done by Stoddard family members who are barely old enough to drive! Get your copy now at our Bookstore .

100.  The History Channel Series “ American Unearthed ” features forensic geologist Scott Wolter of American Petrographic Services of St. Paul, MN.  Scott was the lead scientific researcher who conducted the analysis authenticating the Bat Creek Stone with its ancient Hebrew inscription.

101. (109) Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) Paul Rimmasch is the author of The Lost Stones , an extraordinary historical adventure novel involving Book of Mormon research and themes.  The main character, Ammon and John, are searching for the glowing stones that guided the brother of Jared across the ocean–but for very different reasons.  Joined by John’s daughter, Sariah, they get more than they bargained for as they learn they aren’t the only ones searching for these precious artifacts.  This thrilling adventure will have your whole family racing to the last page.  A great LDS historical fiction that incorporates Book of Mormon history and the Heartland Model into an exciting latter day novel!  Get your copy now at our Bookstore .

102. (109) Paul Rimmasch, CSI and author of The Lost Stones , details some of his research that was incorporated into his novel. Get your copy online at our Bookstore .

103. (109) One of the most intriguing stories in the Book of Mormon is the account of the Brother of Jared having Christ touch several glass stones which made them glow brightly so that they might have light inside of their ships for their journey to the Promised Land of America.  Where did those stonees go folowing their arrival? Where are they now?  Read “ The lost Stones ” to learn more about this sacred history. Get your copy now at our Bookstore .

104. (35) National Geographic investigative journalist Ryan Fisher introduces the new television series, Nephite Explorer, which is being aired on KJZZ-TV in the Intermountain region of Utah and Idaho.  This is the exciting series overview of great things to come!

105. (30) Nephite Explorer’s episode 9 begins investigative journalist Ryan Fisher’s Lands of the Nephites ” part 1 of his four part segment.  He begins introducing the Hopewell Mound builder civilization that occupied the Heartland of America during Book of Mormon time frames. Watch the entire episode now!

106. Church owned KSL-TV’s religion specialist Carole Nikita interview National Geographic investigative journalist Ryan Fisher about his new television series Nephite Explorer , which is now airing on KJZZ-TV throughout Utah and Idaho on Sunday evenings at 4:30 and again at 6:30 pm.

107. (76) Clips from the History Channel’s hit TV series, America Unearthed, featuring forensic geologist Scott Wolter.  This video shows Wolter’s scientific analysis of the Decalogue stone in the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum in Coshocton, OH, declaring it authentic, ancient Hebrew inscribed stone.

108.  The History Channel’s refusal to allow Mormon commentary on the many Hebrew inscribed stones in their TV series, America Unearthed spurred the creation of a spoof film by LDS film maker Kels Goodman that is hilarious because of its witty satire and excellent film making.  A must see!

109. (38) Scriptures Legacy, a film released April, 2014 with the first accurate depiction of Christ’s visit to the Nephites of the Book of Mormon being among the ancient Hopewell Mound Builder Civilization of America’s Heartland. See the related article HERE .

110. (28) For Our Day: Divinely Sanctioned Governments (film trailer), a powerful DVD sequel to For our Day; Covenant on the Land, and compares Nephite (Reign of the Judges) and latter Day (Constitution) Governments of Liberty,  showing how The Book of Mormon is a powerful warning of things to come for U.S. today.

111. (26) Statesmen & Symbols (film trailer), from the producers of the For Our Day series, the Joseph Smith Foundation, comes a fascinating DVD documentary exploring temple symbolism. Discover the reason behind Joseph Smith’s involvement with Masonry, the purpose of inverted pentagrams on LDS temples, the use of sacred symbols by the Founding Fathers and more!

112. The American Promised Land Covenant (video trailer) – The new standard in Book of Mormon geography research by renown international author, speaker and researcher, Rod L. Meldrum takes you on a journey through scriptural world history to identify the two promised lands spoken of by Christ during his Nephite visit. Where are they and what are the promises, blessing, requirements and judgements associated with them?

113. (110) The Water of Mormon video by the Kaye Starr Singers performing chorale group.  The music was composed by Kaye Starr Heninger and sung by this internationally recognized choir.

114. (67) 5 Scriptures that Validate the Heartland Model by Amberli Nelson (DVD)
In this compelling presentation you will gain insight into the very significant role that the Law of Moses played in determining the location for the Book of Mormon. When you combine the scriptures presented here along with the findings of the Archaeological record of North America, you will come to the conclusion that the most plausible location for the setting of the Book of Mormon is none other than the Heartland of North America

115. (66) Jehovah’s Holy Days in the Heartland of North America by Amberli Nelson (DVD) One of the most profound new evidences of the Book of Mormon in America’s Heartland! Hebrew Symbology expert Amberli Nelson spent over 20 years researching the importance of essential items in living of the Law of Moses, as was strictly observed by the Nephites. Sheep, goats, barley, grapes, lunar calendaring and more were critical to obeying those laws. Where were these found anciently in the Americas? This highly anticipated DVD presentation is a “must see” for all LDS!

116. (1 5) My Book of Mormon Testimony by Rod Meldrum

117. (16) Why Geography Matters by Rod Meldrum

118. (17) Understanding Faith and Knowledge by Rod Meldrum

119. (18) Exploring the Book of Mormon. LDS Best-Seller by Rod Meldrum

120. (19) Archaeological Evidence by Rod Meldrum

121.     ( 86) DNA and the Book of Mormon by Rod Meldrum

122. (87) The Cherokee and DNA

123. (96) Book of Mormon Archaeology by Wayne May

124. (98) Armor and Battle Mounds by Wayne May

125.     ( 29) Hidden in the Heartland by Kels Goodman